Experimenting with a New Year

As it’s now the New Year I’m going to do a little experiment. I’ve heard on the grapevine that things are going to change for the better for bloggers, allowing them to write how they feel rather than how they think they ought to.

So I’m going to put this to the test. I’ve created another little blog using WordPress.com to write about nature and what I find in the countryside.

I know this probably belies my age, but it is something I have been thinking about for some time. I regularly go for walks in the country, trudging up and down muddy lanes noticing how the seasons change as the days go by. I remember my grandmother receiving a book one Christmas about an Edwardian Lady’s Diary, in which the author had written and drawn about the flowers and animals in her immediate surroundings 100 years ago. I was an enchanting present to give an old lady, but I found it fascinating, and somehow the idea has stuck with me all this time.

So now I’m going to create a 21st century version using a blog. The aim is to try and post something as regularly as possible (ie every day if I can) and see what effect that has, such as consistency and frequency, combined with free speech and relaxation of writing, as well as using a WordPress hosted blog with all the trimmings available, and in a non-American environment (believe me this is important, as European attitudes to blogs have yet to catch up).

I want to monitor what response I get and whether I generate any interest and what kind it is. This experiment will also evaluate whether a simple blog using WordPress.com can compete with a fancy, full-blown WordPress.org blog with all the plugins that are available for it. I will be relying totally on what WordPress give me regarding statistics, search engine compatibility, exposure to other bloggers and feeds to social media. The result will be simple, but I want to see if it is effective.

I still advocate that all blogging beginners should start with a WordPress.com blog to get used to blogging before they progress further. There is no easier way than this, as you can’t go wrong and everything is totally set up for you. It is regularly updated with lots of volunteer geeks striving to make it as simple and easy as possible (though recently I think they have overdone it and it is starting to get a bit too complicated again).

I definitely still want to see if regular posting does make a difference, regarding what subject you blog about. Certainly talking about what I see and find in the British countryside will only appeal to a selection of readers, but isn’t that what many bloggers start with? And I also want to occasionally inform you about my progress and what I have learned along the way, especially the concept of ‘free writing’ once more.

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  • Alice says:

    I love your blog Judith, it is a most exciting experiment! Keep going at it, as I’m sure it will make a lot of people very happy and content with their lives. Certainly recruiting ‘help’ was the answer, and I hope you get lots more. Many thanks for such an enthusiastic and positive comment!

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