How to find your branding

find your branding

A collaborative post by Joseph Peake.

As a blogger, it can be hard to reach the right audience all the time. With so many sites out there often offering similar things, you need to be able to stand out, to have an identity, to be different.

So, how can you do that? Well, it’s about the ability to find your branding by creating something which will make your readers fall in love with you.

Find your tone

Part of creating a good brand is setting the tone for your business. The way you market yourself is key at this early stage.

For instance, if you are marketing a high-octane adventure, you will need your tone of voice and marketing strategies to reflect that. Use upbeat language, an exciting tone and even make sure that your graphics and fonts match this.

However, if your business is about weddings, then you’ll want to take a different timbre. This market will respond better to something calmer, alongside classy images and a cream theme.

Knowing your tone of voice will also help create the right keywords to market yourself. You can get help with this from Click Intelligence; they offer SEO marketing campaigns which help your rankings on search engines, and create content which make your brand stand out – taking the stress off your shoulders.

Know what you stand for

This is where your specific brand values come in. Most of you will already have values without even knowing it. These can often be keywords. Coca Cola makes us instantly think of happiness and refreshing, simply because these are the core values pushed forward by this brand through their adverts and brand campaigns. It’s very successful!

Part of your brand can also emphasise sustainability. More and more companies are making sure this is a key part of their work ethic, and it’s something you should be considering too. More shoppers are choosing sustainable products, so including this in your brand ethics can help you attract and retain customers to your business, brand or blog.

Memorable designs

You should also never underestimate the power of aesthetics. The journey to find your branding includes creating a great logo. These need to clearly show who you are, yet also be simple and, most importantly, scalable. Too complex and clients won’t understand it.

Nothing is simpler than the Apple logo, for instance, especially now it’s a globally recognised brand.

It’s also important to consider continuity across your brand. You need to be able to place this logo anywhere, without distorting its image or losing its meaning. The colours and fonts you choose should reflect your brand (remembering your tone and audience goals). It also must be carried across all design elements, be it a website or sticker.

Who are you talking to?

Finally, remember to focus on your audience. Consider who you are targeting, as this will affect where and how you promote your brand. For example, stay at home parents are more likely to check out social media sites in comparison to high-level execs. Being aware of their habits means you will eventually reach the right audience!

Ready to find your branding?

This is quite a journey for any business, regardless if they are new or already established. Therefore if you are willing share your tips or experiences in the comments below, we would be very grateful.

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