Finding somewhere that makes it easy for you to post

Blog tuitionNow that I blog more frequently, I need to be able to post whenever I get inspiration, otherwise I forget all sorts of good stuff (must be a sign of getting old). So with the acquisition of a much beloved iPad, I search out places that have free wi-fi and settle down to write.

It amazes me that there are still places that make this difficult or near enough impossible. You’d think fancy hotels would think outside the box and offer free wi-fi to encourage people to meet and drink coffee? Yet it is the smaller establishments that happily supply this service without obligation, like this garden centre I’m blogging in now, a green tea at my elbow.

In fact I’m so impressed I’m thinking of holding a blogging surgery for people who would like to meet me for a cappuccino and quiz me with their blogging queries. With this free wi-fi and my trusty iPad or laptop, this could be a fantastic opportunity where I’d be happy to try solve your posting problems or design delimmas! And if you’ve got kids there’s a soft-play area to stop us being disturbed (too much).

These sorts of places are very good at providing inspiration, as they get you into a different environment and stimulate your thought processes – certainly better than staring at your office’s four walls. It’s the open spaces, excellent light and bright colours that do wonders for me, not too mention the presence of other happy humans enjoying chocolate cake.

If if anybody likes my idea of a blogging surgery, let me know, and I’ll be happy to arrange a suitable date.

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