Make your blog stand out by finding your voice

Finding your voice

A contributed post by Lucy Wyndham. 

Does finding your voice as a blogger sound like a fuzzy concept to you? No need to worry, this post breaks it down into simple terms.

When you find your true voice as a writer, your blog will stand out from the crowd. This is because your authentic voice is totally unique. No other blogger could ever replicate it.

Yet many people have spent years trying to sound like someone else – either an authority figure they admire or a professional persona that they wish to be.

This post tells you that finding your voice will help you create original content that your blog readers and social media fans will be hungry for.

So how can you go about finding your voice? Let’s go over the basics.

Practice free-writing

Imagine words coming through your fingertips onto the keyboard similar to water flowing through a pipe. If the pipes haven’t been used for a while, the water might be rusty. But if you let it flow, it will eventually run clear.

This clear water is just like your authentic voice. It isn’t contaminated with someone else’s personality. This is how you start finding your voice.

Even if you end up writing a few paragraphs (or pages!) you don’t want to publish immediately, that’s fine. Consider this writing as ‘warm-up time’ – then allow the good stuff to flow.

Once the flow starts, write without censoring yourself. You may find that this unedited free-writing is some of your best work.

Write to someone

It is a good idea to have a reader in mind when you write each blog post. This gives you a proper purpose which you can based your post around.

Ideally this reader will represent your target audience. If you’re lucky to have met some of your readers, focus on them when you write your targeted blog posts.

Add personal touches

If you want to build a relationship with your readers through your blog, try revealing some facts about your life.

For example, if you have a parenting blog, include a story about what your children have done. These personalised stories help to build trust with your readers, which can be useful if you plan to sell merchandise, a course or a service.

If you want your blog to stand out, tap into your true voice. When you succeed in finding your voice, it will help you to develop your own particular style of writing.

This will make your readers feel as if they know you. You will provide your readers with an experience that no one else can offer. After all, there is only one person who is just like you.

How are you at finding your voice?

Let us know in the comments below about your experiences or your journey in finding your voice, and what effect this had on your blog and readers.

About the author

Lucy WyndhamOver the last 7 years, Lucy Wyndham has built for herself a modest career working from home and bringing up her two children. Prior to this she worked in business development for almost a decade and has seen the rise and fall of many businesses.

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