12 blogging tips for the first time blogger

first time blogger

A guest post by Laura Buckler. 

“Why should I blog?”, I hear you ask. Whether it’s for your business or passion, blogging is one of the most preferred ways to reach an audience.

Even B2B marketers get 67 percent higher leads through consistent blogging. If you were thinking of taking the plunge or just starting out as a first time blogger, this article is for you.

Choosing a desired platform

This is a very important step for a first time blogger. This may seem confusing and overwhelming, but WPBeginner provides an excellent guide to which platforms are available to bloggers in 2018.

Make your blog mobile friendly

It’s important to choose a mobile-friendly theme for your blog. If it isn’t, your blog will be at a distinct disadvantage. If your readers can’t read your blog from their chosen device, they won’t bother and will be unlikely to return for more.

Crowdsource ideas to understand your audience

When you begin to blog, you may have many ideas which you are passionate about at the same time. Regardless what they are, you need to know what your readers want to read. Ask them which one are they most interested in. This is the subject you should focus on, and not the others.

Offer high-quality content to your readers

Today’s readers tend to have a short attention span. So if you want to capture and hold your reader’s attention, you will need to always write high-quality articles. And you need to regularly post too. If this is too time consuming, outsource this task to keep up the quality content.

Plant the field and they will come

When you start as a first time blogger and you fail to get enough readers or traffic to your website, this can be very disheartening. However, in spite of your frustration, it is important to keep writing. Focus on the quality of your content, include some SEO features to stimulate the search engines and be patient.

Consistency pays off

This is very important. Posting consistently on your blog will draw attention from your readers, especially if they contain plenty of valuable information. Frequent posting will attract the search engines, who thrive off new content on a regular basis. And if your scheduling diary results in posting on specific days and times, this will help too.

Add a call to action

As well as adding value to your content, you will also need to tell your audience what to do next. You will need to make these call-to-actions so your readers can’t help but click! Even simply adding social sharing buttons at the bottom of your posts will encourage your readers to share, or asking them to leave a comment will make a difference.

Giveaway great information or goodies for free

Hosting giveaway contests are a brilliant way to widen your readers, followers and subscribers. If you have written an e-book, you can give that away in exchange for your readers’ email address so you can send them a newsletter. Remember anything you give away must be worthwhile for the recipient, or they won’t respond.

Talk to your readers

There are two ways to do this. Write your posts in a conversational style so that your readers can relate to what you are saying. And build a subscriber list so you can communicate with them via your newsletter. Ask your readers what they would like to read, and give them what they want. That way you will maintain and grow your audience.

Patience is a virtue

You need to write enough content to keep your readers interested and make them return for more. Do lots of research to find out what your readers expect, learn some more writing tips to save time, and create an editorial diary to schedule in your next set of posts. Create lots of posts in draft so you never run out of things to write about.

Write awesome headlines

If you want to reel in more readers, focus on writing catchy headlines and subheadings. Link internally to your other posts to reduce your bounce rates. Add a plugin that provides related post links at the bottom of your posts to encourage your readers to read more of what you have written.

Make your content valuable

Your readers will expect to learn something beneficial from your posts, to make an effort to provide them with worthy content. Ideally it should make a difference to their lives and be instantly actionable. This way they will be more likely to share, comment and return for more.

Get ready as a first time blogger

Take note of these tips and follow their lead and I’m sure you will have a much better experience as a first time blogger. Also let me know in the comments below how you get on and whether these tips make a difference to your blogging activities.

About the author:

Laura Buckler Laura Buckler has been writing for a while now, including contributing to essay service. She touches many deep subjects in her articles and helps the people around her be self-aware of their performances, and reaching their full potential. Follow Laura on Twitter for information on how to live a simple life.

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