Where else can you get free blogging tutorials?

You know, I’m amazed at how generous I am.

And some people may even say over-generous, especially the business coaches and gurus, who shake their heads and wave their fingers at me. “You’re never going to make any money if you keep giving away your blogging tutorials.”

Yeah, I know. But what about the old adage: “Showcase 80% of what you know, to make the retained 20% more valuable.”

So here’s some more of that 80% I wrote on my Beginner Bloggers blog in another of my roundups. It’s part of that 30-Day Blogging Challenge I told you about. Except that it got a bit abandoned when I moved my BB blog to another hosting account, and lost everything in transit.

Calamity! I will tell you about it in another post, once I’ve recovered properly.

Meanwhile, here’s this blogging tutorials roundup:

How mobile friendly is your blog?

Mobile-friendly sitesWhen I started this blog I was very keen it should be mobile-friendly, or, if you like, mobile responsive, so its contents displayed properly on a smartphone or tablet.

I took great pains to find a mobile responsive theme that I liked, even though I knew it probably wouldn’t look as ‘graceful’ as my other blog. But sometimes you have to give up ‘prettiness’ for ‘functionality’.

This is because I also knew that someday in the future this would be important. And lo and behold, Google is changing its algorithms on 21 April to place more emphasis on websites and blogs that are mobile-friendly.  Read more here

How to create a simple gallery in your posts

Art GalleryIn this post I shall be concentrating on a WordPress.com blog, as here you have many more options for your gallery.

First get your images ready in advance. They will need to be optimised to a resolution of 72dpi (I’ll explain all about this in another How To post later), and of an appropriate size. They don’t need to be the same size as how they will show in your gallery, but it’s best that they are not huge!

Then once they are all ready and safely placed in an appropriate folder in your computer, you now have to upload them into your blog’s Media Library.  Read more here

How to communicate your blogging news

Newspaper boatYou shouldn’t shy away from telling your readers about what has happened to you recently.

You may think they’re not interested, but how do you know? It’s up to you to make this news interesting, entertaining and a thoroughly good read. This is all part of how your communicate with them. And if you are successful at doing this, then they would love to know about what you have done.  Read more here

How to change your blog username

Change?I just want to warn you, this is a VERY SCARY thing to do!

Even my pulse is racing, and I’ve done it many times.

I’ve just changed my username to log into this blog. Why? Because some pesky spammers had worked out what it was, and were trying to log into my blog to do all sorts of mischief in there. Which, of course, isn’t a good idea.  Read more here

How blogging and sharing are best friends

SharingThink back to when you were a child. Do you remember how sharing your toys or sweets with your friends contributed to a much happier, more sociable life?

And it’s the same with blogging. It is essentially a sociable activity, something you should share with others. Writing only for yourself will soon become a thankless task, with no incentive, no feedback, and no indication you are doing OK.

Whereas the majority of bloggers crave a response to their work. They write for their readers, wait patiently for comments, and revel in reactions that arrive from any quarter.  Read more here

What are categories and how to use them

Chapters in a bookIf you read a book, you will probably notice it is divided into chapters.

This is to make it easier for readers to understand where they are in the story, and to help their progression through the book.

Also, chapters help to sort the story into groups, or topics, which the reader can relate to. And this is how categories are used in a blog.  Read more here

How writing with passion can help you and your blog

Writing with passionHave you ever read a post that showed how much the writer cared about their subject? Did it enthrall you? Were you captivated by it?

Writing with passion in your posts in the opposite of boring. It is what sets you apart from the usual humdrum of writers who churn out stuff just for the sake of it.

People are naturally attracted to passion, enthusiasm, inspiration. It lifts them up, provides hope, gives meaning to their lives.  Read more here 

How to use a blogroll on your blog

The listA blogroll has nothing to do with toilets (so you can stop smirking now!). This isn’t about loo paper, but refers to the American word for ‘list’, which is ‘roll’. I’m sure WordPress had no idea how this word would appear to British bloggers, but there you are.

A blogroll, therefore, is a list of links to blogs or websites you would like your readers to know about. Such as bloggers you admire or other recommended reading, you follow or they follow you, consisting of the same subject or niche, you write for them or are connected in another way, or just blogs you’d like to promote.  Read more here


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