A welcome award to boost the New Year

Get noticed, take action
It’s seems ages since I was properly noticed.

Actually it’s all my fault – to get noticed you need to do something to earn it.

The last time I prolifically blogged a lot, I won a National UK Blog Award. But this resulted in me sitting on my heels and forgetting the reason why I was noticed.

My OBEHowever,  this year I have been granted an OBE: an Online Business Excellence award.

This is a great honour, because I had thought my lack of blogging meant no one had noticed me. But a few kind words on Twitter and some well-placed comments had kept the social pot quietly simmering away.

This OBE places me amongst 9 other digital marketing dignitaries in my area. And I’ve also been listed within a selection of exulted guest posts during 2016.

Practice what I preach

In all the guest posts I’ve written recently I have banged on about consistent posting, adding value, getting noticed, writing for the reader and so much more in that vein.

But I haven’t been blogging enough in my own blog! Criminal really, breaking one of the steadfast rules of blogging!

Today I remembered 1 January 2013 when I decided to start a 365 blog about following nature throughout the year. And I succeeded, only succumbing twice to the benefit of being able to backdate posts. I also took full advantage of the ability to prepare and schedule in advance, as otherwise I would have probably gone mad!

Start as you mean to go on

Time to ride that wave again if I want to continue to be recognised, and to get noticed once more. Sitting in my office chair whining about it to my computer ain’t going to make anything wonderful happen.

So this year will consist of more writing. Now I don’t expect to do it every day like my nature blog, because I have no intention of creating drivel just to satisfy the need to click that publish button.

But what I plan to do does require focus, drive, organisation, advance preparation and scheduling. I have accrued over time enough information to write for this entire year and probably more. However, this needs to be sorted out, adapted and refined, to make it my content rather than what is dredged out of my curation coffers.

Set a New Year’s goal

No longer will I neglect my blog. I want to help more bloggers understand about blogging than ever before. I will turn my blog around and record my actions so that others can benefit from what I do as well.

A Fairy Blog Mother that doesn’t use her magical powers properly is denying a lot of bloggers the chance of success. And this is not what she was created for.

So I am challenging myself to write regularly, and also to suitably comment and socially interact as well. If you want to get noticed, you need to do something – anything – rather than nothing, and preferably which is beneficial to others as well as yourself.

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  • I was pretty chuffed with my blogging efforts last year, I published 94 on my blog 17 on LinkedIn and did 9 guest blogs and all whilst recovering from a few health issues. Aim to crack a hundred new blogs on my site this year, and have a hundred on LinkedIn by year end.

    • Thank you Honey. Luckily my 365 blog didn’t require too much thought, just some good images every day. It was quite enjoyable when it wasn’t a nuisance when I’d run out of images and had to go out to get some more!

  • Congratulations Alice! And thanks for the timely reminder to focus not just on improving our blog in general at The Wellbeing Centre but also to write my own on a regular basis. I’m aiming to write at least 3 each month this year – one for each of my main areas of interest. Will be checking in with you here for all your great tips – keep up the good work!

    • Hi Claire, thanks for commenting! Yes, blogging more often isn’t easy, but it really is worth it. Ideally you should write a post at least once a week. I hope to do more (says she at the beginning of January!). Blogging should become one of the jobs you need to do on a weekly basis, so needs to be scheduled in your diary accordingly. Block out a few hours to focus on it, either in one go or spread throughout the week, whatever is easiest and most effective for you.

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