Avoiding overwhelm with a successfully growing blog

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A contributed post by Joseph Peake.

Most of us start blogging with the naive assumption that people will read it. We’ll publish a post and automatically gain an audience of hundreds, if not thousands, without any promotion or marketing.

Unfortunately we soon realise this isn’t the case. We need a lot of time and hard work before anyone outside of our friends and family reads what we’ve got to say. And even longer before we develop a loyal readership that keep returning to see whatever new has been published. Read more about starting a blog here.

Growing blog results

While we’re busy working and establishing our growing blog, we’re also learning more about SEO and digital marketing. We find out how to attract an audience and how to promote ourselves and our blog.

However, with every new thing that we learn, there’s always something else to add to our to-do lists. The bigger our growing blog gets, the more successful and popular it becomes, the more work we have to do.

The more hours we put in, our stress levels start to rise. It can become overwhelming if you let it. Here’s some ways to avoid that overwhelm, before it ruins what can be an enjoyable hobby or even a career.

Spend some money

At some point, if you want your growing blog to start making money, you might need to spend some. Make your life easier by hiring a virtual assistant. They can manage your social media feeds, schedule blog posts, send emails and even arrange meetings.

You can also spend money on https://physicaladdress.com which makes reading your mail easier, and helps to protect your privacy and real-life security.  Also scheduling tools, an email provider and freelancers to tackle the jobs you can’t do are other necessary expenditure. They’ll help you to become more professional while easing your stress and giving you more time.

Take a break

As your growing blog develops, you’ll quickly find you are spending all day every day working on it. It can become more than a full-time job, even before it’s making a full-time income. Remember to give yourself a break. Work set hours and have set days off every week. Take a holiday now and then, nothing bad will happen if you take a week off.

Build a support network

Blogging is still a relatively new industry. Blogs have been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that blogging has become a career.

You might find your friends and family don’t understand what you do. They think you spend all of your time messing around on social media. Try to explain what you do to them, but also make friends with other bloggers who do understand what you are going through. This can be a massive help, even if you never meet and only communicate on social media.

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