Guest Posting Rules


Here are my guest blogging rules:

First, you must only write about blogging or digital marketing. No other topic is acceptable.

Second, it must be of a substantial length (at least 800 words) and be well written. And check your article isn’t already repeating what’s already been mentioned in another post on the same subject. This will require you to ACTUALLY READ my blog!

Third, I prefer links to be in the bio, accompanied with a picture of the author. The post won’t be published without a bio. And the post will say “A guest post by [author’s name]” at the top.

Fourth, any links, up to five in total, within the text should go to relevant destinations, and not promotional homepages of companies. Neither do I accept bitcoin, casino, adult sites, CBD or anything, even essay writing services, which are TOTALLY irrelevant. I never tamper with links to make them specifically no-follow. Personal links should go in the author’s bio.

Fifth, be aware I reserve the right to edit or reject submissions to preserve the quality of my blog.

Sixth, I have accrued a large waiting list for guest posts, so don’t expect it to be posted immediately if I accept it. The published article will remain on the website as long as it exists, unless it is time restricted and has become out of date.

Seventh, I charge agencies £30 for guest posts, especially if they need extensive editing and SEO-ing. I do not accept anything lower. Backlinks are charged at £10 each, and must be relevant to the post’s subject.

Eighth, if you are an individual who is not writing for a company, you may post for free, as long as your post is educational, entertaining or inspirational on my chosen topics.

Best wishes, Alice