Creating a blog post with WordPress Gutenberg

When WordPress changed to Gutenberg blocks, I dismissed it with disgust! I chose to upload the Classics Editor plugin to revert back to the old layout. Happy me continued blissfully.

However, many people didn't know about this plugin, and I have been forced to use Gutenberg when editing other websites. Steep learning curve!

And as a result I realised many people didn't know how to upload their blog posts effectively with Gutenberg, partly because it is so confusing and unintuitive than the Classics version of WordPress.

So I have created a free guide on how to create a blog post with Gutenberg, and incorporate simple SEO tactics to help it succeed better. Simple things like keyword placement, headlines, categories and alt tags.

If you are interested, fill out the form below to receive the link to download it. I hope it will make a difference to you and your blog! 

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