Helpful tips to know before you join this challenge

Please read the 5 information points below:

First of all I need to let you know your email data will be kept very safe and not shared with anyone else. If at any time you wish me to delete your email address from my database, please email me and I will do this as soon as possible.

Second, if you don’t receive your first email from me within an hour after signing up, it’s probably gone into your spam filters. In fact keep looking in your spam filters for the rest of the day. If still no joy, email me and I will check whether your email has been sent out.

Third, it would be a good idea to whitelist my email address after you’ve received your first email, so that you receive the others OK.

Fourth, your emails are supposed to be sent to you daily. If this doesn’t happen, or they get bunched up, please email me and I will investigate what’s going on with my auto responder.

Fifth, if you experience any more problems, please let me know so I can update this page with more helpful tips to make doing this challenge as easy as possible to use.

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