How to make your home office productive

home office productive

A collaborative post by Joseph Peak. 

Working in a home office to achieve the same level of productivity can be challenging compared to working elsewhere.

This is only natural because you’re at home. How your home office desk is set up will play a massive role in how you feel when in ‘work mode’ and how productive you are.

The right workplace can increase job satisfaction and daily productivity. A messy workspace can clutter the mind and work against you.

Therefore it’s worth creating an ideal workspace in your home office. Have a look at some of these tips that should help you to increase productivity.

Try to be near a window

Research suggests that natural light helps improve mood and alertness, decreases stress and increases productivity.

Looking out of the window every 20 minutes can give your eyes a break away from the computer screens. If you are unable to be near a window, natural light bulbs can keep your workspace bright and airy.

Use plenty of floor lamps for a well-lit room. Screen glare makes focusing challenging and is bad for your eye health.

Focus on your software

The right software which suits your needs will obviously contribute towards your productivity. A lot of people research g suite vs office 365 as the leading choice.

It’s worth taking time to consider what you want your software to do for you. It should be suitable to meet the majority of your needs within your home office.

Think about a stand-up desk

Prevent yourself from drifting or becoming lethargic from sitting at a computer all day by getting up to stretch your legs. It’s easier in an external office to take a stroll or go and make a cup of tea with a colleague, but when you work from home, this may not be possible.

You may have already heard about the benefit of a stand-up desk. They tackle the adverse effects of sitting down all day, such as high blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels and an increased risk of heart disease.

And there is the added benefit of increased productivity and alertness. You can even get additions to convert your current desk into a stand-up desk, rather than investing in a new office.

Bring the outdoors into your home office

It’s a good idea to keep a plant nearby, but not necessarily on your desk, since you should try to keep this clutter-free. But this restriction doesn’t extend to the whole space, so try adding some greenery into your home office.

Research suggests the presence of a plant can help to increase productivity.  They can also prevent you from getting sick by purifying the air, and they may help sustain focus and alertness, improve your mood and reduce stress.

What’s your home office like?

These four simple suggestions how to design your home office space to help increase your productivity. However, if you have any other methods, please share them in the comments below.

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  • There is one more thing I need in my home office and that is A great app that helps you track time and work. So easy to use. It doesn’t have unnecessary features. I love it!

  • Thank you for these tips! I have been wanting a standing desk for my home office for months and finally purchasing one for my health and sanity 🙂

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