Are you looking for someone to explain about blogging and website design?

Alice Elliott (aka Fairy Blog Mother)

Can you relate to any of these?

Navy teacup
Midlife blogger

Slightly older bloggers who need the digital world explained using words they can relate to

Navy code cloud
Totally non-technical

Anyone who can't cope with code or anything digital and need extra help in understanding

Slower paced learner

Those who need to learn at their own pace, with plenty of opportunities to go back and check

Navy worried
Nervous beginner

People who need lots of reassurance for every step taken with everything fully explained

Could any of these help you?

navy blog review
Free Blog Review

In your free review you'll find out the good, the bad and the indifferent elements of your blog

Kahlid E Tapia

"Don't think about how bad the review will be, but consider how much better your website and blog will be because of it."

Kahlid E Sapia

navy blog consultation
Website Consultation

This extends your free review by looking at what is working and what needs improvement

David Moon

"I would recommend another set of unbiased eyes to see what you cannot. Alice will highlight things you would never have thought of."

David Moon

navy blog training
Blogging Training

A chance to properly understand blogging, plus you'll learn tips and tricks that will save you time

Alison Crook

"An extremely knowledgeable lady who knows her stuff. She is very passionate about helping people to understand about blogging."

Alison Crook

Navy blog design
Blog/Website Design

Get a website that is not only looks good, but performs well to win business and more viewers

David Watts

"Alice was an absolute pleasure to work with, made what I thought was going to be a tricky exercise into something very straightforward."

David Watts

Alice Elliott

Hi, I'm Alice Elliott, and I specialise in helping people to understand about blogs and websites.

I started blogging over a decade ago, when there was little help for newbies. I soon realised technically-minded people didn't know how to teach real beginners. They assumed previous knowledge, considered it unimportant to show every tiny step, and produced silent explanatory videos that went at a  breakneck speed.

Fairy Blog Mother® was set up to explain blogging simply and easily, starting from Level 0.  I believe if you properly understand the basics, you can tackle any problem you come across, blogging or otherwise. 

My web design also focuses on user experience as well as how it looks. It's  important your visitors know what to do, and can find what they want, when they land on your website.  I incorporate this functionality into the design so website users can achieve their purpose in more beautiful surroundings.

Jo Sandelson

"Alice is one of those rare people who can explain a paragraph of complex data in one brief English sentence."

Jo Sandelson

Jean Wolfe

"Alice has a practical attitude to blogging which is refreshingly free of techno speak."

Jean Wolfe

Alice Prier

"Alice is brilliant at demystifying the concept, understanding your needs and holding your hand through the process."

Alice Prier

Sue Jackson

"We arranged to talk about my new blog and within minutes I was setting it up under her guidance."

Sue Jackson

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