How does a blog add value to your business?

To gather feedback on business blogging, I subscribed to a number of forums and asked how many people had a blog. This is one of the responses and my answer to it:

Hi Alice

I have just started my business and I’m still going through the process of designing a website, etc.

I am thinking about adding a blog to my site, but I want to know how to do this so that it adds value rather than potentially damaging my image when I am just starting out.

I have been in property for a number of years now so the business model is investment properties both commercial and residential in the UK and overseas. This is primarily targeted at pension fund managers, IFAs as well as largely investors. Obviously a great deal of negativity surrounds the property market currently.

What would you suggest?



Hi Lindsey

A blog is an essential piece of kit if you want to a) make yourself more visible to the outside world, b) communicate effectively with your existing customers, c) show your expertise to potentially new customers, and d) gain more followers and therefore a larger audience for your business.

Use a blog to counteract the negativity you speak of, punctuated with valuable advice and golden nuggets of information. Blog posts should be short and sweet, regular, relevant and of value, and focused on an end result like targeting your readers to your website or to a special landing pages to facilitate an economic response.

Increase your readership by adding RSS feeds (facilities that enable readers to follow your blog, and allows your posts to be automatically transferred to other social networking sites for a wider audience) to increase the visual exposure of your business.

Your blog could either become part of your website or stand alone with its own URL, and its special programming language assists with search engine optimisation and therefore increased traffic to wherever you want it.

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  • Good tips, as always, Alice. Thanks. I’m recommending bloggers follow you for solid advice. I’m trying to look at my SEO and find that SEO dynamics and rules change all the time. No time to keep up.

    Do you have any specific free or inexpensive, easy to use tools for assessing blog site SEO for Google? I found one Web site which offers some free options,but I don’t really understand what they mean by some of the categories or how I can improve SEO to build readership.

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