How many of you can cope with blogspeak?

I’ve just listened to a video about blogging. Normally I would be very excited and would take voracious notes, but this time I just sat there bemused.

As a result I am determined to develop my new niche. Since the end of May, when I developed Bell’s Palsy, I had to take a back seat from my business to recover, and I used the time to rethink my strategy and where I was going with my business.

This is an important activity to do now and again, and there’s nothing like having half a face to focus on what’s doing well and what isn’t.

I’ve decided to adapt my business in stages, and the first stage will be explaining how to create and maintain a blog for British non-techie females.

The ‘British’ part is as relevant as the ‘non-techie’ and ‘female’ parts, because there are so much stuff out there that is American – sorry those from the other side of the pond, but American is not the same as English.

The ‘female’ part is apt because, after coping with my dear, wonderful and thoroughly techie brother who sorted out minor problems with my blog, I realised that there is another vocabulary out there that isn’t tuned in to women or mumpreneurs.

So I would like to boost my ‘marketing research’ I’ve been doing at networking events lately, and ask for questions from equally bemused ‘would-be-bloggers’ what they would like to know, which bits they don’t understand, what is holding them back from setting up a blog, and how would they like their ‘lessons’ to be presented to them in the best way for them to learn.

Oh, and for those ‘starting out’ bloggers, I will be working with a ‘free’ blog from so you can get to grips with blogging the easy way, and don’t have to worry about all that nasty techie stuff needed for self-hosting blogs. (Once you have begun to understand blogging, then you can try your hand at the more advanced stuff at a later date.)

Come on girls, let’s have some questions… leave your contributions in the comments box below.

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Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott (aka the award winning Fairy Blog Mother) has been helping bloggers understand about blogging for two decades.

She has also been scrutinising the benefits of commenting on blogs and social media for both individuals and businesses for a decade.

She offers web design with empathetic encouragement and understanding.

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  • Actually, British was an important element because American speak is not the same. How they explain things and the emphasis on certain elements is different. I remember trying to understand, which was a nightmare because of the way it was explained and the programme set out, I had to translate it in my mind every time. And I was not alone, loads of other people I’ve spoken to have said the same.

    So how would my having said ‘British’ scuppered any chance of funding? Does this mean I will have to battle it out alone?

  • Saw this during my Monday night web searches. Amazing what stuff you can find doing a search for mower repair.
    Kind of caught me off guard.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Ohh I am sure I can come up with some questions. Firstly. Links. Follow, no follow, do follow, back link? Lots of articles telling you how to physically use each type but hard to understand when and why you should use each type.
    Tags? Useful, not useful, what do they do? When should we use them?
    Also the cookie policy and affilate/ sponsored post disclosure is different in the UK. I have found lots of info on how to be legal for US blogs but have had no luck finding or understanding how to make a UK blog legal.
    I may be back with more as I think of them ? Thank you.

    • Thanks Nicola for your comment. What a lot of questions!

      Links: very important to allow readers to access relevant pages in your website, and read your blog from other comments. Only use no follow links if you don’t want the search engines to index where they go to.

      Tags: these can be considered as secondary keywords, taken from relevant references in your blog post’s content.

      Cookie policy: there are many plugins that could set this up for your blog, to keep the EU happy.

      Sponsored post policy: not my field, I’m afraid.

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