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These are permanent questions on every blogger’s mind: how many visitors do I get to my blog? And what kind of visitors are they? Are they really interested in what I have to say, or have they got there by accident?

And how about these questions: how much traffic did my last tweet bring in? Was it worth doing that concerted effort on Facebook? Did posting on that LinkedIn group make any difference?

And then there are these: which keywords stimulate more traffic? Which subject matter gets more attention, and why? Did changing that headline really increase my ratings?

If you have a blog, then ideally you should have installed a Google Analytics plugin. There are many to choose from, and they all should make the process of adding your blog as simple as possible.

Gone are the days when you needed to add the special code in exactly the right place in your website’s header code, and on every page you wanted tracked and recorded. Now all you need is a Google Account, and once you’ve registered your blog or website, just copy the UA-code allocated to it.

Paste this into the plugin’s setting pages, save and wait for your stats to start rolling in. It usually takes about a day to get any results, and longer if they are to become meaningful.

The next set of Magic Moments will show you how to set up Google Analytics on your blog (note this is only for the ones) and what you should be looking out for in the stats. I shall be using my own, which will be very embarrassing, as they aren’t as good as they should be, so I shall be exploring what I need to do to improve my situation at the same time.

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