How to find post fodder every day

writing tipsIt is quite a tall order to find material to regularly post in my blogathon.

I have set myself an experiment to write a short post every day for a year in my nature blog. It is not a chore or a burden, but a new lease of life. I may be completely mad to do this, but I am finding it invigourating to search for something to write about, mainly stimulated by taking photographs wherever I go.

Blogging requires a change in mindset. I call it “going into blogging mode”, when I switch my brain over to start looking for something to write about. In fact I don’t have to put much effort in, as suitable subject matter starts springing out of the woodwork at me. It seems that everything has the potential for a blog, in some shape or form, and it is only up to the author to find the time and energy to make it so.

Nature is a great subject to blog about. The seasons are changing all the time. Even on grey, cold days when nothing seems to happen, I can find something that wasn’t there the day before: an unfurled leaf, a new flower, an exciting shoot, promising new growth – and even the old stuff has a fascination that should not be ignored. People walk about blinkered to the world as it manifests itself around them, it is up to them to open their eyes and see the possibilities, and then manipulate it into something worth writing about.

Blogging is another subject I unfailingly find fodder for. But unlike my blogathon, I don’t post here every day. The difference is that these posts take more time to do, and require a bit more brain power, and there is so much more responsibilities on my time that prevents me regularly writing. A poor excuse, I know, and something I hope to redress in the future.

If you are fully passionate about the subject you have chosen, you will never be short of material. In fact I forget much of it if I don’t write it down. Fabulous facts I could blog about come to me at inappropriate times, only to disappear into the ether before I can find a suitable method of capturing them. If I did nothing else all day, this blog would be jam packed, so it is perhaps to preserve your sanity and mine that I have plenty of other things within my business to do.

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