How to get your blog noticed workshop video

I was invited to speak at the FunFestUK Blogger Summit on 12 September 2015 about how to get your blog noticed.

It was a great day, in spite of me having a dreadful cold, and I spoke to about 50 established bloggers.

The organisers also asked me to create a video of my talk so that those who could not attend the Summit would not miss out.

So here’s my video! Enjoy!

In it I focus on three areas:

  • Excellent content (be valuable)
  • Easy for your readers (be sociable)
  • Make yourself visible (be involved)

Excellent content

If you want to get your blog noticed, you need to understand about quality versus quantity, consistency versus frequency, and what this means for your blogging activities, focus and strategy.

Really understanding your readers, how they think, what sort of thing interests them, using the same language as them, are also areas I explore, combined with focusing on writing for your readers rather than getting bogged down by SEO.

Easy for your readers

Make your blog easy for your readers to understand what you write about, and take action like sharing and leaving comments, are areas that tend to get neglected in the strenuous activity of blogging.

I also asked bloggers if they followed up on any social activity readers took to show their appreciation. What a missed opportunity if this was also ignored or passed over to create better blogging relationships.

Make yourself visible

To get your blog noticed also means making yourself visible on the net, even before your blog.

Think about it, if your readers don’t know who are you, how likely are they to notice your blog? Your task is to start altruistically socialise around the groups and communities where your ideal readers are likely to be, to set up your reputation as a worthwhile blogger in your niche.

The more you help and provide value, the more respected you will become. So that when the time comes to promote your posts, your audience is ready and waiting to read them.

Listen to my video to find out more. And check out my Workshops page to find out where and when I’m speaking next.

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