How to network your blog

how to network your blog

A guest post by Brooke Fawkner. 

If you want to get anywhere in life, you need to master how to network your blog.

There are millions of blogs, each one is fighting for visibility. Those blogs that rose in prominence seemed to have lots of luck, but they attracted their readers because of good networking skills.

Consistently writing quality content with clickable titles certainly has something to do with it. But it’s who you know that can mean the difference between a million readers and none.

So if you want to increase your followers exponentially, you’ll need to network your blog. How exactly do you do that? Here are some networking tips you can follow for business professionals and bloggers alike.

Before you start to network your blog

First of all, you need to show you’re serious about blogging. This means focusing on your blog and creating valuable content as your number one priority. You’ll need to be your own marketing director to curate and organise your content that pulls people in.

You won’t be able to network if your content is unhelpful or inaccurate. Blogging is about writing with a purpose and sharing your knowledge so others can benefit from your experiences. Also, regular publishing will show you’re dependable and willing to work hard. And wondrous things will start to happen when influencers realise you’re serious.

Whenever you’re trying to sell a product or how good your blog is, you’ll need to be concise and precise in what you say. Being articulate about what your blog offers readers will be an invaluable asset both on- and offline.

Make connections

The phrase “sharing is caring” is applicable when you network your blog. If you want people to notice you, notice and talk about them first in your blog. Showcase the content of people you want to connect with, in the hope they might return the favour and mention you in their own blog.

Visit influencers’ blogs and comment on their posts. Ask questions to develop a good rapport while acquiring insider knowledge. However, this kind of relationship will need to form naturally over the long term before anything will come from it.

Try networking with lesser known blogs first before attempting to contact the more popular ones. You may have better luck by gaining traction from smaller blog mentions at the beginning. It can take a few attempts to get a reply, so be persistent and keep following up. But avoid over-doing it, or you’ll end up annoying them.

Get caught up on social media

Remember to connect with customers and readers on social media, and influencers as well, as your best chance to network your blog. With 3.78 billion social media users in the world (2021), it’s a good bet that the people who you want to connect with will be there along with a multitude of potential readers.

If you want to benefit from social media activity, research into which networks the influencers in your niche contribute to. It’s a good idea to also research the social media networks themselves. Find out about their features and limitations to fully utilise their networking potential. Images might work best for some networks while short statements work better for others.

And remember, consistency is key towards getting noticed, so only sign up for networks you have time for. More accounts will mean more visibility, but irregular posting won’t get the same amount of traffic or possibilities to network your blog compared to being consistent within a smaller amount of networks.

Frequency and quality to network your blog

How often you should post and the kind of description you should write depends on the network you’re posting on. So it’s worth being knowledgeable in this area to effectively network your blog.

The quality of a blog should speak for itself, but even the best in the field will need help from others. Networking is all about making connections and helping others to achieve your goals.

With so many things vying for people’s attention nowadays, it’s almost impossible for a single blog to get noticed. So remember to network your blog to achieve the relationships and traffic you deserve.

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brooke faulknerBrooke Faulkner is your typical internet nerd. She loves all things technical and is an avid consumer of science podcasts (eh hem, radiolab anyone?). When she’s not writing, she can usually be found chasing her boys around the house with the vacuum. Follow her on Twitter.

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