Magic Moment: how to publish a podcast in a post

Talking about bloggingIf you don’t want to write, publish a podcast instead!

I have come across many bloggers who are too scared to write, or moan that they can’t find the time, or find the process of writing laborious, confusing or infuriating.

But instead of writing them off (sorry, pun!), I ask them: “Do you like speaking instead?” or “Is it easier to say what you want rather than writing it down?”

The answer is invariably yes, which means these bloggers should publish a podcast blog. If you have the gift of the gab, a natural tendency and facility to speak, combined with a wonderful accent (I once came across a hypnotherapist with a Scottish burr, and recommended she should publish a podcast instead of a written post, and as a result her business skyrocketed), then let’s get you talking!

Another lady came to me and said that since she had severely broken her arm, typing had been very difficult, and she hadn’t been able to update her blog. She was a coach and a public speaker, so it seemed to me very natural that she should continue via podcasts. After all, her broken arm hadn’t affected the way she spoke.

I introduced her to Audacity (downloadable free from the internet) and she experimented with creating mp3s. When she was happy with a small collection, she asked me how to put them onto her blog. It’s actually very easy once you know how, so below is a Slideshare presentation to show you:

I’ve often been asked to speak on MarlowFM radio, as I know some of the presenters there. The programmes are usually recorded, and one episode resulted in the mp3 being sent to me. Through Audacity I broke up the recording (deleting the music bits because I don’t have the required licence to publish them) and created mini-podcasts. Here is the one I used in the Slideshare above:

Writing as a conversation


Oh, dear, I hate listening to myself! But if you don’t mind the sound of your voice, it’s a great idea to publish a podcast blog. It’s much quicker and easier, and if you go wrong, well never mind, delete it and start again! As with writing, practise makes perfect, and experimentation makes things more exciting, both for you and your audience.

This is a wonderful alternative to the written blog, using free facilities available from the web, as well as your imagination, exuberance and enthusiasm, not to mention your expertise and knowledge. So why not give it a go? And let me know by sending me the URL of your newly published podcast post so I can listen and comment too!

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