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For what I can gather, a business blog is still a relatively new phenomenon in the UK.  I don’t know whether it’s because of scepticism, lack of understanding, fear of technology, inability to see the potential, or just unable to take up the trend, but the mention of blogging still receives an adverse response from the uninitiated.

It is a bit of a Catch22 situation: until a business takes up blogging they won’t start to see the benefits, but if their target audience isn’t necessarily reading blogs or understand what they are, all these efforts could be going to waste.

Nevertheless the message I want to get across is not to give up!  It is imperative to educate the rest of the business world that blogging does work, is vitally important for creating business, will give you increased traffic to your website and other resources, makes it much easier to interact and communicate with followers and potential customers, and actively contributes to search engine indexes to spread the word about what these businesses can provide.

We can overcome this apathy to blogging by persisting in blogging – by actually performing this activity we can show its benefits, publicise the results, broadcast our successes, relate our case studies, and hopefully educate others to do the same.

It is the mindset of consistent posting that should be ingrained in the business world. So many blogs start up only to be abandoned, neglected and forgotten. For a blog to work its owners should want to blog, actively encouraged by mentors and follow bloggers – and this also means the readers need to comment and interact with the writers.

It is imperative that there is a visible response, an obvious indication that others are reading and responding, as this then sparks enthusiasm for the blog’s authors to produce more posts, thus leading to more interaction, and so the blog develops.

So for blogging to thrive in the UK, it needs everyone involved to pull his or her finger out. We need more blogs revived, more scintillating posts, more readers responding, more feeds to social networks, more sharing of posts – in fact far more action and interaction if your British blog is going to compete with the rest of the world!

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Alice Elliott writes the award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog for beginner and post-beginner bloggers to “explain things really simply” about blogging and WordPress. She provides simple, easy to understand, highly visual courses and tutorials using ordinary, everyday words. Visit her new Beginner Bloggers blog to find her latest learning resources.
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  • Caro says:

    Hi Alice,

    it is the same here in Germany. Blogging and especially blogging for an income is still in its infancy. It´s not easy to get people to comment on a blog, share posts, retweet etc. In my niche I can´t even find partners and can´t get backlinks, that are important for SEO.

    And for us it is even worse because our blogs are in german, so I can not find partners elsewhere. But I don´t give up.

    Blog on!


    • I’m so glad to hear your enthusiasm! As long as there’s more bloggers like you determined to make something of their blogs, let’s hope it influences others to do the same. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about making money, but instead making a difference…

      Come on all you bloggers out there!

  • Joey says:

    Hi Alice,
    nice blog. I recently started blogging to try raise awareness of green issues and to promote the natural and organic products I sell but i am finding this very difficult indeed. Its seems nobody reads my blog despite me linking the post to facebook & twitter. I don’t even have a single follower lol I am sure I am doing something horribly wrong though it could be that I am not giving it enough time. What I would be interested in is knowing how to target my blog to a UK audience since my business is uk based. my blog is – http://ikoworld.blogspot.com/ any tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


    • Joey, your blog is still relatively new – and it does take time to get a blog established and therefore get followers, sometimes up to 6 months!

      My suggestion is to keep on posting as regularly as possible, and don’t forget to use the tags (keywords taken from your posts) that will register with the search engines and therefore get you some more traffic.

      Also if you can feed your blog onto social networking and sharing sites, that will increase your exposure to a likely audience.

      Keep up the good work!

      • Joey says:

        Thanks for the reply. Really sorry for sounding like a complete noob here but you wrote “My suggestion is to keep on posting as regularly as possible, and don’t forget to use the tags (keywords taken from your posts) that will register with the search engines and therefore get you some more traffic.”

        I don’t understand how use these tags… could you please expand on this?

        • Joey, you use Blogger as your blogging platform, so I went in and had a little look. ‘Tags’ in WordPress are like ‘Labels’ in Blogger, and it is these that should be gleaned from your copy and should reflect the kind of keywords your audience would be typing into Google or other search engines. The more they match people’s searches, the more likely your post will be shown. Good luck!

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