Be human, not a faceless robot

be human

Sometimes I hate technology, especially when it seems so impossible to understand.

Nothing is ever simple, and just when you thought you’d cracked your latest problem, another one rears its ugly head to continue your angst.

I’ve admitted to my readers in this blog before that I’m not a technical person. Currently I’m battling with setting up an email connected to the domain name with a new website I created. Doing the website bit was easy, messing about with emails is decidedly not!

I admit it!

In a discussion I had with another lady after a networking session, she commended me for admitting that I was a terrible writer when I first started blogging. I certainly was, writing dull, dry and labour-some pieces of prose that took me hours, due to unnecessary fiddling to make it perfect. Nowadays I spew out any old rubbish and only tweak for grammar and spelling mistakes!

This brings up three issues: being confused by technology, admitting I’m not a perfect writer and revealing my foibles in public! Which just proves I’m human and not a faceless robot, or a mind-numbed geek cut off from the real world glued to the computer.

That’s what people like!

Social networking allows us to express ourselves that goes against the grain of the old fashioned, stiff upper-lipped British attitude of not laying bear everything in front of you. Sometimes this can cause problems, but you can be careful and transparent at the same time and still come across as human.

And continuing on the non-geek theme, Fairy Blog Mother was set up to explain WordPress and blogging in ordinary, everyday language that anyone could understand, particularly business owners who wanted to have more control over their blogs and websites and not have to rely or spend loads of money on those uncompromising geeks!

Not that I’m bashing geeks, they are wonderful people to sort you out in a pickle (especially when it comes to connecting up to emails) as long as they are patient and use small words. As I’m writing this I’ve had one of those sort out my email problem just now (multi-tasking)!

Now over to you…

So sometimes it’s good to let down your guard a little bit and admit your failings to your readers – it will enable them to relate better to you, which is all part of the ‘know, like and trust’ bit of social networking.

So what situations have you done this? Are you willing to show yourself up once in a while? Of course this is always best expressed in a funny story or sensational anecdote – if you’ve got any to share…

Alice Elliott
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