11 great tips to increase traffic and improve your content writing

increase traffic and improve content writing

Guest post by Jake Lester. 

Have you ever noticed that generally you don’t read all the content that you come across on the Internet? You choose only the topics and ideas to read that interest you, and skip the content that fails to catch your attention.

So how do writers create content that is interesting to everyone?

The answer is it’s impossible to write articles and posts that thousands of visitors will always want to read and share via all social networks. In this post we are going to analyse the principles of writing flawlessly and increase traffic through content.

1. Write for your audience

First, be truthful about whether you really think about your readers when you create content. In fact, most writers, bloggers, content developers and marketers are programmed to follow goals, but these goals tend not to include their readers.

However, when you focus on writing for people, you need to realise they have expectations which need to be satisfied. Otherwise these readers will be disappointed and won’t bother to return. It’s important to write for your audience, not for yourself. But remember what you write should also delight you as well.

2. Talk to your readers

Blogging is all about talking to your audience. Your writing should resemble a transcript of having a conversation with them.

Using engagement to become friends with your readers is one of your strongest tools. This makes your readers feel you are really interested them and what they think, and you learn how they perceive your subject matter and ideas. A guaranteed method to increase traffic to your blog.

This is why it’s so important to enable comments on your blog to get opinions and feedback, and to encourage your readers to converse further with you on social networking sites.

3. Use the power of social networks

Social networks are extremely important as part of your content marketing strategy if you want to increase traffic and get your posts seen by more readers.

People today spend a lot of time on social networks, much more than just browsing the web. This is why you need to publish your blog posts on Facebook or Google+, or focus on getting mentions on Twitter or Instagram.

The more visible and interacting you are here, the more likely you will receive increased traffic and new visitors and subscribers on your blog.

4. Mind the headlines

The post’s headline needs a lot of work if you are to attract your readers’s attention and make them read your post rather than skim it.

The headline is the first thing in your post that your readers notice. Therefore if it is not compelling enough and doesn’t appeal to their needs, wants and desires, they won’t bother reading the article.

There are many examples of how to write a headline, but here are three of the most popular formulae that you can use for any kind of content:

  1. How to
  2. [Number] ways to
  3. Use these benefits to

5. Check keywords

An excellent place for your post’s keywords is in the headline. These must be selected from the kind of questions your readers would ask in the search engines. If your keywords match your readers’ searches, this will increase traffic to your blog.

Also keywords must be included within the text and meta-tags of your website or page. Make sure when you choose your keywords they are not high-ranking, otherwise this will make it more difficult to beat the competition.

6. Add videos

Video is one of the most engaging types of content. Most users today would rather watch a video than read an article. This is because videos can deliver your message within a shorter period of time.

Also, you can also promote your YouTube channel from your website or blog. Make sure your videos are interesting and captivating by choosing a subject that is attractive to your visitors. And having a YouTube video in your post is another way to increase traffic.

7. Use images

Avoid being fooled into thinking your primary blogging tool is to write words. Content can also consist of videos and images. If you find it difficult to add a video, a good alternative can be images and pictures.

Imagery helps to support and clarify the ideas you’ve introduced in your writing. This will help reach your audience and capture their attention, even if they prefer not read what you’ve written.

8. Be creative

To write effectively in order to increase traffic to your blog, you need to be creative. No one is interested in reading something boring. People are always looking for the unexpected and unusual.

So when you are doing research for your writing, go a bit further then the usual well-known sources, and always add your own experience and insights to make your content even more interesting.

9. Write strongly

Your writing needs to carry strong ideas that convey persuasive messages that make people act the way you want to them to. This is usually done through the use of call to actions.

If you fully understand your reader, you will soon learn the most effective ways to write that affects how they respond to your content. This means understanding what you write will result in the effect you are looking for, rather than something you cannot predict or have no control over.

10. Remember the formatting

How you construct your posts can have a huge impact on your readers, as well as the ability to increase traffic. Remember your readers cannot cope with a wall of text, so be liberal with your subheadings and shorten your paragraphs to create more white space.

Use bullet points to make it easier for skim readers to glean your ideas and understand which areas are more important than others. However, keep to one point per post, and avoid your subject going off at a tangent.

It’s important to plan your post carefully with these elements:

  1. introduction that delivers a reason why the reader should read the post
  2. main body with several short paragraphs separated by subheadings
  3. conclusion which includes a call to action

11. Check your spelling

If you aren’t confident in your proofreading, use a suitable service to help you. This can enhance the quality of your writing quite significantly, which in turn will increase traffic to your blog.

The trouble is, when we write we fail to notice our mistakes and even how the post’s cohesion and coherence fits together. A professional proofreader can fix these mistakes and show which areas can be adapted to obtain your desired outcome.

Now it’s your turn

Take a look at these 11 tips and see how you can use them to improve the quality of your writing to attract more visitors and readers, leading to increase traffic to your blog.

Remember to implement them whenever you write, and enjoy the result this will bring to you, your blog and your readers.

And if you can think of more tips, why not let me know by including them in the comments below!

About the author:

Jake LesterWith a background in education and entrepreneurship, Jake writes for the amazing dissertation writing service. Jake writes for many blogs and gives useful advice for entrepreneurs, students, and educators. He likes to cover stories in productivity, careers, and education. Connect with him on Twitter.

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