Increase views to your fitness blog with unique content

increase views via unique content

The fitness blogging world is a dog-eat-dog world. We all have the need to increase views to our blogs.

Millions of pages are fighting to be clicked, read and engaged with. Bloggers worldwide compete for attention and strive for success with their demographic by creating their own content.

Eventually, you’ll need more than an article about the latest diet fad or a list explaining burpee form. Take a more unique route and discussing interesting health facts, and you can achieve more clicks and still stand out.

Look for ‘different’

Content is king in the blogosphere. What you publish day by day will be seen by the masses, and how you should consider wisely and carefully how to deliver it. After all, there are over 400 million bloggers in this world – you want to make yours shine through!

As a fitness blogger, think of all the topics you haven’t seen on WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. For instance, candles can be used as a tool to help suppress appetite and control weight.

You also don’t see the many female fitness gurus talking about the different benefits that specific teas have on certain ailments like indigestion or bloating. Sharing these unusual and obscure bits of information leaves a lasting impression on your readers.

Who knows, the next time they pass the candles at the supermarket they might think of your last post. It’s the little things that count.

Lasting success

Breaking into the limelight and maintaining this momentum are two different things. Try connecting with friendly bloggers in other fields to learn how to expand your brand and understand the tricks of the trade.

Every now and then take a break from informing your readers of the positive effects of the colour blue, and engage with them. Check the comments, reply to questions, respond to concerns and take part in genuine conversation with your readers. This will show you really care about your content as well as increase views to your blog.

This may become more difficult once you start to receive a higher number of comments. However, every reply is a chance to expand your reach, help cultivate knowledge, and further cement your brand as a smart and attentive fitness blogger.

Increase views to your blog

Enthusiasts for well-being and fitness are some of the most sought after inspirations in today’s social media world.

Think outside of the box to cut through the noise, away from the lemon water article, and be different with your blog.

Be approachable to your readers who take time to read and comment on your special posts and continue to sow healthier minds.

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Lucy WyndhamOver the last 7 years, Lucy Wyndham has built for herself a modest career working from home and bringing up her two children. Prior to this she worked in business development for almost a decade and has seen the rise and fall of many businesses.

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