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15 remarkable tools for the influencer marketing process

Guest post by John Mark. 

A survey conducted by Bigcommerce predicts the budget for influencer marketing will increase by 65% in 2020.

This indicates that influencer marketing has taken the sphere of marketing by storm, and the reason is that most consumers relate better to micro-influencers than larger-than-life celebrities.

Now, if you’re planning to step into this space, you can opt for influencer marketing platforms to ensure your business generates more traffic and profit. These platforms allow brands to connect directly with influencers on the platform to engage with the consumers.

Also, as the other side of the coin, these platforms help influencers make money on social media channels.

The following are some brilliant tools and platforms to check out.

1. Traackr

Traackr is a resource presenting an all-in-one solution which will assist you in influencer discovery, management, and analytics. You can use it to improve your influencer marketing campaigns with clear analytics, essential data-driven insights, and consistent monitoring.

This tool lets you prioritise the influencers depending on audience insights. You’ll also be able to track conversations and determine if an influencer is suitable for your brand or not.

Pro tip: Traackr helps you make the most of your influencer marketing campaigns. You can choose influencers by looking at their performance. Additionally, you can also track the audience insights and evaluate your campaign results.

Distinguished features:

  • Monitor and manage communications in one place
  • Optimise campaign budgets with the help of a predictive calculator
  • Employ competitive intelligence to shape your influencer marketing strategy

2. AspireIQ

As a self-service platform, AspireIQ helps businesses in collaborating with social media influencers. The tool is particularly convenient for small businesses. It analyses over half a million influencers depending on their demographics, audience, content, and type of traffic.

The platform consists of accomplished influencers from different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, to name a few. Aside from a seamless interface and comprehensive database, AspireIQ’s AI algorithm goes a step further to match a brand with the most suitable content creators or influencers.

Pro tip: The creator collaboration toolkit makes collaborating with influencers simple, and it also tracks parameters like audience engagement and reach.

Distinguished features

  • Assists in making data-driven decisions
  • Allows you to streamline every step of your influencer marketing campaigns

3. NeoReach

Neoreach focuses on data-driven influencer discovery. With approximately 3 million people in their influencer database, this tool has a goldmine of information for brands.

Through this platform, businesses can find influencers depending on their brand preferences, favourite topics, occupations, social media metrics, location, and much more. The platform also serves as a communication hub where you can send messages to influencers and develop a stable professional connection with them.

Pro tip: NeoReach uses a novel concept to calculate ROI, which is known as Influencer Media Value (IMV). The formula of IMV considers various metrics that are specific to influencer campaigns and sponsored posts.

Distinguished features

  • Brilliant social intelligence API suite
  • Easy integration of APIs
  • Valuable insights through intuitive analytics

4. TapInfluence

Finding the influencers who are willing to work with your brand can be a struggle. This is where TapInfluence comes in. You will have a 360-degree view of the influencers, which involves insights about them, their audience, and the real-time Cost Per Engagement (CPE).

TapInfluence makes building and executing influencer campaigns of any size or complexity simpler. You can maintain effective communication, share campaign briefing, review, and promotion processes.

Pro tip: One of the common concerns is the budget for roping in influencers. TapInfluence is developed to address this particular issue. The tool helps you find the benchmark for the influencer marketing budget.

Distinguished features

  • Assists in determining the influencer marketing KPIs
  • The integrated asset manager allows you to repurpose and distribute influencer content easily

5. Scrunch

Scrunch allows you to search for the perfect influencers from a database of over 20 million influencers. You can collaborate and partner with noted influencers for your brand and reach your target consumers.

If you don’t have clarity on what drives your audience’s buying decisions, Scrunch will help you find out through in-depth analysis of audience demographics.

Pro tip:Leverage real-time reporting to understand which content performed well and who your most engaged audiences were.

Distinguished features

  • Look for the established bloggers from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • An advanced algorithm that has indexed billions of blogs and social media posts

6. Grapevine

Grapevine allows you to reach out to noted content creators on different social platforms to help boost your influencer marketing initiatives. You can easily develop and measure your influencer programs to engage with your target consumers.

Search for influencers from a network of human-vetted creators on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also look for keywords related to your campaign to discover the influencers.

In the case of on-going campaigns, the tool lets you monitor click-throughs, engagement, and views from YouTube. Similarly, for Instagram, you can check your likes and comments.

Pro tip: Through this platform, you can discuss the campaign details, make direct offers, and manage payments securely to move your campaigns forward.

Distinguished features

  • Monitor your campaigns with brilliant workflow tools
  • Evaluate an influencer’s performance real-time

7. Fanbytes

Businesses can use Fanbytes to look for influencers who have experience in engaging millennials through creative advertising. This particular platform specifically emphasises on “advertainment,” which means combining advertising with entertainment, to maintain emotional engagement.

It’s an excellent tool for businesses that wish to amp up their brand awareness and user engagement through influencer marketing campaigns.

For example, if your company provides academic writing services to students, you would want to rope in influencers who can inform students about the necessity of essay writing services.

Pro tip: The platform presents a specific ad format which brings together influencer-content.

Distinguished features

  • Helpstogo beyond the surface-level metrics of audience engagement
  • Supports multichannel content promotion and distribution

8. Upfluence

Upfluence presents a set of incredible features. A pivotal part of the platform, however, is its influencer search and discovery engine.

“Clients can search for influencers through the use of keywords. As you use the keywords relevant to your business’ niche, you begin to narrow the pool down a little bit”, states Steve McKinnon, an expert on essay writing help online.

You can emphasise on each keyword, making some of them more important than others. You can narrow down your search even further on Instagram by adopting critetooltootria like location, or the number of followers.

Pro tip: Upfluence also comes with a Chrome plugin. This means can use it to evaluate an influencer’s profile directly from your browser.

Distinguished features

  • Presents AI-powered campaign workflow
  • The IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) allows you to nurture strong connections with your influencer partners.

9. Markerly

If you’re looking for an end-to-end influencer marketing solution that lets you associate with influencers to deliver authentic brand affiliations, then Markerly is it. You can utilise this platform to find and collaborate with influencers who are the right fit for your brand.

For influencer marketing, the tool gives you two different alternatives. One lets you develop your marketing network, and you get access to various influencer CRM tools. The other one is for those marketers who are searching for someone to conduct their campaigns for them.

Pro tip: Simplify the workflow like content creation, contract management, tracking, optimisation, and monitoring outcomes. Find out how the branded influencer content is performing across different social media platforms.

Distinguished features

  • All-round influencer campaign management system
  • Multichannel support for influencer outreach

10. Lefty

Lefty is a brilliant platform that utilises influencers’ ability to improve their traffic organically. It helps brands promote themselves effectively. It boasts of a database of about 5 million influencers which allows brands with great options to choose from. Other than that, the platform is suitable brands of all sizes.

Lefty also doubles up as a creative agency, as it helps create campaign strategies and manage contracts. It attempts to connect Instagram content creators with brands.

Pro tip: You can keep tabs on the influencer content in real time and measure the ROI of a campaign.

Distinguished features

  • Organise your influencers by labels
  • Compare your brand’s performance with that of your competitors’
  • Retrieve your campaigns’ publications

11. Ambassador

Ambassador one of the most popular referral software platforms. It enables you to find the affiliates, influencers, and other advocates you want to collaborate with.

You can enrol them to run targeted and customised influencer marketing campaigns. You can keep tabs on all of your influencers from one place and check their performance as well. This tool also enables you to choose payment methods. You can structure your payments depending on sales, type of influencer, and other factors.

Pro tip: Through the resource, you’ll be able to assess which influencer is getting you the maximum number of leads or customers, and revenue. You can also carry out cohort analysis and then optimise your influence marketing campaign in real-time.

Distinguished features

  • The tool comes with an intuitive interface which is easy to work with
  • You can use features like gated portal registration to find the influencer suited for your business.

12. Fohr

Fohr utilises advanced technology to simplify influencer marketing for you. It lets you search for influencers from various niches, based on the number of followers, location, and more. The tool also allows you to use powerful filters to identify exactly who you want to partner with.

Managing influencer campaigns is also quite easy with Fohr. You can create campaign briefs, receive comprehensive reports, send offers and more. Their reporting tools provide a detailed understanding of follower count and content performance.

Pro tip: The platform’s Smart Groups features makes it easy to store an influencer database.

Distinguished features

  • Get weekly influencer insights
  • Built-in reporting tools that send thorough results of campaigns

13. Captiv8

Captiv8 is an incredible tool to build connections with influencers and content creators who can promote your brand, services, or products.

The tool was created with the idea to help marketers move beyond vanity metrics and find the perfect influencers for their brands. That’s why they focus on the brand lift and ad recall to look for suitable influencers.

This campaign management tool also lets you simplify your communication process, whether its negotiations, influencer approvals, or contracts.

Pro tip: You can check, modify and approve influencer content from a single dashboard and even post on behalf of the content creator. Captiv8 also lets you track real metrics like sentiment analysis, and deep engagement data to determine the campaign ROI.

Distinguished features

  • Full-service optimisation
  • Detailed reporting on campaign performance

14. Klear

The industry-leading technology utilised by Klear allows brands to have the edge they need to carry out winning influencer marketing campaigns. Equipped with a 360° influencer marketing cloud, Klear provides an end-to-end solution for planning, conducting, and evaluating these campaigns.

Klear’s search engine comes with one of the largest influencer databases available online. With amazing filters, users can carry out segmented searches by niche topics, hashtags, follower count, audience demographics, etc.

Pro tip: With a thoroughly integrated CRM, influencer communication portal, and campaign measurement tool, you can trust Klear to improve campaign performance and upgrade thestrategies.

Distinguished features

  • Offers separate Facebook and Twitter insights
  • Comes with an in-app messaging tool

15. Cision

Your search for the right influencers for your brand ends with Cision, which was formerly identified as Trendkite. It comes with a database of over 825 million influencer profiles. You can categorise influencers depending on the keywords, reach, resonance, audience, location, and demographics.

The resource presents at least 15 configurable filters that will assist you in finding the ideal influencer for your campaign.

The tool provides comprehensive analysis so that you can keep track of your influencer’s audience. You can find who they influence and also determine the followers of each of the influencers.

Pro tip: Cision lets you determine and enhance the impact of your campaigns to elevate brand exposure and user engagement.

Distinguished features

  • Helps retarget the audiences
  • Measures the impact of earned media through conversion tracking

Which influencer marketing tool is best for you?

These 15 influencer marketing platforms are known for their excellence and also essential for every business’ success. So, pick one tool and let it work its magic for your brand and business.

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