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How and why to integrate video into your blog

A guest post by Brooke Fawkner. 

With new blogs being made every day, it’s not easy creating unique content that will attract a large audience.

It’s easy to find hundreds of thousands of blogs on any given topic. However, you’ve got to put in a lot of hard work to make yours stand out. Focus on creative content, produce succinct, entertaining and informative articles, and keep up with technology that appeals to your viewers.

While videos are nothing new on the internet, they are not common on blogs. However, putting video content on your blog can help take it to the next level.

Here are some strategies, tips, and pitfalls to avoid when you integrate video onto your blog.

Why integrate video into your blog?

You may feel reluctant to integrate video onto your blog. After all, you created your blog for writing, not videography.

If you had wanted to create a vlog in the first place, you could have made one. As it is, videos can go a long way in supporting your written content, attract reader attention, and help people to stay on your blog.

Of course, where you put your videos matter. You shouldn’t just integrate video on your blog just for the sake of having videos. Strategic placing of videos can help readers find out more about who you are, give readers entertaining visuals, plus a lot more.

Useful places to put videos on your blog include the following:

About page

A video on your About page can help introduce yourself more personally to your viewers.

Sure, you could paste in a picture, but a video will have the added benefits of your voice, the sounds of your home or wherever you decide to record, and more intimate details about your personality.

Plus, you can still include a written note about yourself if you prefer the idea of writing rather than text.

Video tutorials

It’s ideal to have at least two different ways to show how to do something. People typically learn in a mix of three learning styles: watching, listening and doing.

While you can’t control whether your readers physically try out your tutorials, videos appeal directly to those who learn by watching and listening. For example, any tutorial in a written format can be turned into a video and inserted at the top of the post.

Video summaries

Similarly, videos also serve as an additional way to post summaries of your articles. Some readers may prefer watching a short video than reading an article.

In the case where it makes sense to integrate video as a summary, post one at the top of your article to appeal to a larger quantity of viewers.

Video editing

Committing to making videos is one thing; executing the process is another.

Not having the experience in making videos can be a challenge at first, but the help of a good video editing program can make the process a lot easier for you.

Video editing program

Your computer or laptop is likely to be equipped with a video editing program of some sort, but these can sometimes fall short of user needs. Downloading a program from the web may be a better option, and there are many to choose from.

The following are some of the best video editors for users of all levels:

  • WeVideo
  • Magisto
  • Loopster
  • Filmora
  • Avidemux

Of course, your decision on which program to choose will be based on your level of comfort, how you want to edit videos, and personal preference. Check a few out before deciding, and don’t be afraid to try a different one if the first one you select doesn’t work out for you.

Special effects

You’ll probably want to experiment with special effects to incorporate a certain look. For example, if you are making a historical video, add visuals and effects that make the video seem old.

However, it is better to use authentic videos by converting old tapes into digital form. This authenticity will appeal to your viewers and will give your site a high-quality feel. Plus, since it can be difficult to create special effects that look realistic, this might be the best way to ensure quality for a beginner.

Whatever you do, make sure your special effects are tastefully done. Too many can ruin your video and turn away viewers. Unrealistic special effects can look tacky. It’s worth practising with special effects, but if this is new to you, ask for other people’s opinions and don’t post unless you are truly proud of what you’ve produced.

Integrate video into your blog posts

Finally, once your recording and editing is complete, it’s time to post videos to your blog. Depending on your experience, this can either be the easiest part of the process or another challenge to overcome.

Uploading a video will depend on the tools and programs you use. Here are some sources on how to insert videos on your blog:

Once they are up, remember to double check that everything is OK. Once you’ve watched the video and made sure it works properly, you are all done!

You have now successfully created, edited, uploaded and integrated video onto your blog. This will appeal to your readers and get more interaction on your blog, and you can add a metaphoric video badge to your blogging expertise.

About the author

brooke faulknerBrooke Faulkner is your typical internet nerd. She loves all things technical and is an avid consumer of science podcasts (eh hem, radiolab anyone?). When she’s not writing, she can usually be found chasing her boys around the house with the vacuum. Follow her on Twitter.

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