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Did you go mad last week trying to get ready for the new EU Cookie Laws when their enforcement deadline expired on Saturday?

I certainly did – in a mad rush on Friday evening. I’ve uploaded an appropriate Cookie Consent plugin (causing more cookies to be attributed to it!) and added a Cookie Compliant Disclaimer in my sidebar.

But it seems all to no avail, as hardly any websites have risen to the occasion. This isn’t only due to apathy and confusion, but perhaps to defiance, as these laws are totally inappropriate for any decent website that wants to make an honest living.

So I wasn’t surprised when, lo and behold, the powers that be have realised the situation and given up a last-minute compromise – albeit still a bit woolly. According to the Guardian and (more carefully) the BBC News on Sunday, the wording has been changed so website visitors will provide a valid “implied consent” if they continue to use the website, especially if there is no intrusive pop-up demanding their “informed consent”.

As you see, it still isn’t very clear, so I’m keeping my cookie consent pop-up and sidebar disclaimer for a while, even if it does interfere with my Google Analytics statistics. Let’s hope the Cookie Law Enforcers either see sense very soon, or extend their compromise to include all non-spam related cookies so we can get on with our lives as before.

One good thing has come from this law, I’m not bombarded with annoying advertising when I update my Facebook profile and page – such a nice relief.

And if anyone wants or needs help with their Cookie Law compliance, you only need to ask the Fairy Blog Mother (by clicking on her logo to send an email) – as that’s what she’s there for!

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  • Alice

    Thanks for this.

    We made the decision to go for transparent explanation, but no opt in pop-up. (It’s not actually implemented yet as we are revamping the website at the moment).

    However, I was not aware of the relaxation in the policy – a downside of not reading newspapers or news websites I guess!

    this does sound like a small victory for sanity.

    • Alice says:

      Note you have included a Private Policy link instead of a pop-up. Certainly the latter spoils a website’s presentation, especially if it doesn’t match its colours, etc. But I still think it’s a good idea to have a disclaimer of some sort which guides the user to the Private Policy link so they can make up their own minds.

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