Beginner bloggers

Would you call yourself untechnical (totally confused by it all)?

Or are you looking for simplicity (want an easier way)?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Hundreds of blogs are being created everyday. This means it’s not as difficult to create a blog as you may suppose.

Yes, I know there are lots of bright young things for whom technology is second nature, but if they find it easy, then so can you.

All you need is the proper guidance at your correct level, using words you understand combined with an explanation you can relate to.

Search online for ‘How to learn to blog’ and you’ll come across plenty of tutorials and courses catering for beginners in blogging. There is a lot of help available, but if it isn’t the right kind for you, you’ll only end up disillusioned about blogging and pass it off as “something I’ll never get to grips with”.

What you need is a beginners in blogging companion

Someone who:

  • understands how you learn,
  • explains what all these technical words mean,
  • patiently shows you where to go next and which button to click on,
  • explains why something has happened,
  • and relates it to what has gone before.

Our courses teach you in a highly visual slide-share format so you can go at your own pace, revert back to previous slides for revision or better understanding, and pause as long as you like to allow you to “try out what you’ve learned”.

For this reason we:

  • don’t provide fast-moving videos that contain inadequate explanations,
  • never make any assumptions to previous knowledge,
  • don’t miss out any vital chunks of information that you need to know (if you already know any bits you can easily fast forward a few slides),
  • give each step its own page in an uncluttered presentation.

We really start from the beginning

For those that need this, our beginner bloggers courses start at Level 0.

This takes blogging down to the true ground level, which we think it is very important, because these proper foundations will help strengthen your blogging skills as you move upwards through the other levels.

If you are starting your blog from scratch, it’s important to understand how blogging works. Even when starting a simple WordPress blog there may be elements that could “catch you out”.

Our courses glide you effortlessly past these barriers, and explain everything in minute detail to satisfy your curiosity and make your blogging journey more enjoyable.

Our series of beginners in blogging courses go from Level 0 to 5, finishing at the stage most blogging courses start.

This means you will have a positive foundational grounding that will make your blogging careers more successful. I believe many mistakes and much confusion could be eliminated through correct instruction from the real beginning, rather than starting somewhere in the middle.

I also offer a series of blogging courses that will investigate various aspects of blogging to give you a better understanding of the subject.

This realisation will enable you to create better blogs enabling you to compete and collaborate easily with other beginners in blogging in your field, and gain the respect and success you deserve.