spend less time writing blog posts

How to make it easier to spend less time writing blog posts

A guest post by Brenda Berg. 

If you have a blog, you know just how time-consuming the writing process can be. If you use your blog to help run your own business, you may find there just isn’t enough time to post regularly.

There is a way to make it easier to spend less time writing, which means you can blog and run your business without sacrificing anything. Here’s how you can write more blog posts without tearing out your hair or living on black coffee.

Have a list at the ready

Inspiration never strikes when you need it to. When you’re stood in a lift, drifting off to sleep, or standing in a queue, you’ll have plenty of ideas. But when you sit down at the computer, there will be nothing.

That’s why it’s so important to keep a list. Scribble down your ideas when you have them, whether that’s in a notebook or on your phone. Then, when you need ideas, you have plenty of examples to draw on.

Have an editorial calendar

Scheduling blogging as a task will result in spending less time writing. Create regular slots in your day to focus totally on your writing.

You can even separate out times when you can brainstorm ideas, create new pages on your blog, or even advertise online. Once you have created that schedule, stick to it.

Time yourself

When you sit down to write, set a timer for 30 minutes. Write as much as you possibly can during that time, then stop when the timer goes off.

This forces you to get fingers to keyboard and not think too hard about what you’re writing. It also makes you stick to your schedule. It’s amazing just how much you can write in 30 minutes.

Create a template

This doesn’t mean find a template online to use, as this wouldn’t be personal to you and what you have to say in your blog. Instead, create your own template that will work for every post you write.

This will show you what needs to go into the post by filling in the spaces. This is much easier than staring at a blank page every time, and you’ll find you spend less time writing as a result.

Find the time and place

Not everyone can write in the same circumstances. Some people need absolute silence to get anything done, others need the bustle of a café or other public places to get the creative juices flowing.

Some prefer to write in the early hours as soon as they wake up, others opt to write late at night. Find what time and place work for you, and use it. You’ll be amazed at how much you can spend less time writing and getting more done.

Don’t worry about the writing order

Your blog doesn’t need to be constructed in a static order. Try writing your conclusion first. This is where you draw all of your thoughts together, so you can really consolidate what it is you’re trying to say in your blog.

Also, write your introduction last. That way you will know what’s coming up for the rest of your blog, so you can introduce it with confidence. The body of the text can be written in any order you like.  As long as it gets written, the reader won’t know.

Tools to help you spend less time writing

You can’t blog alone. Here are some of the best tools and services to help you spend less time writing and get the most out of your blog:

• Headline Analyzer: Your headlines are essential for drawing the reader in. Put yours into this tool to see how effective it could be.

• Paper Fellows: This writing community can help you get the most out of spending less time writing. They can critique blogs for you before you post them, making sure they’re polished enough to be seen.

• Cite It In: If you’re using other sources in your writing, you need to be sure that you’re citing them correctly. Use this tool to get the right citation, every time.

• Easy Word Count: Your blogs need to stay short and snappy, to make them easier to read and to keep your readers coming back. Use this tool to check the length of your writing at any time.

• Plagium and Academized: Check all your posts for plagiarism using these tools. It can save you a lot of potential time and hassle in the long run.

• Big Assignments: You need to update regularly, but you can’t always keep up. Call on these writers to create posts for you when you can’t.

• UK Top Writers: If you need help editing and proofreading your blogs, come here. There’re lots of proofreaders available who can make your blogs really shine.

Now you can spend less time writing

These are my practical tips to help you spend less time writing more posts for your blog. It’s just a matter of finding the right techniques. Put these into practice, and your output will vastly improve. Now get out there and get writing!

About the author:

Brenda BergBrenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Assignment Help. Self-motivated results driven individual who is encouraged to travel.

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Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott (aka the award winning Fairy Blog Mother) has been helping bloggers understand about blogging for two decades.

She has also been scrutinising the benefits of commenting on blogs and social media for both individuals and businesses for a decade.

She offers web design with empathetic encouragement and understanding.

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