7 link building mistakes to avoid while building backlinks

link building mistakes

A guest post by Mashum Mollah. 

There are many things that you need to know to avoid link building mistakes while creating backlinks.

If you have started working with off-page SEO, you must have noticed there are more fraudulent than authentic sites. Linking to these sites can make your website loose its authority, meaning search engines can ban your site.

Using negative aspects of a link building strategy will not make your site rank. You need to use white hat SEO tactics plus take some precautions while creating your backlinks.

Here are the tips to follow to ensure you create authentic links:

1. Buying backlinks

Buying backlinks comes under black hat SEO. You do not creating links in exchange for money. You may not get caught during your first few tries, but once caught, your site will be banned permanently by the search engines.

Search engines like natural links. Even Google has made it clear it will consider buying and selling links as spam. The best way to avoid link building mistakes is guest and forum posting to create more exposure for your blog.

2. Link building tools

Link building tools are becoming more common in 2020. There are many SEO experts who have tried using those tools, only to get their site banned. Therefore you should avoid using the link building mistakes as these people.

Link building tools may look attractive as it shows how easy it is to create a backlink for your site. The problem is it takes links from irrelevant sites, which can also be broken. This both affects your site authority as well as creating bad reputation from the search engines.

3. High no-follow links

Avoid allowing any kind of no-follow links into your articles. No-follow links are not useful when it comes to SERP ranking, as they give you no benefit at all.

However, don’t totally neglect no-follow links. You can allow a few which are high-quality links. However, Google has clarified they do not consider no-follow links as a ranking aspect.

4. Linking to an irrelevant site

While looking for a site to create links, take care to find a site which is relevant to yours. Getting links from a site with the same niche site makes them more valuable.

For example, you have a travel website which you link with a technology site. This makes the link value negligible. However, if you link with another travel-based site, the link will become more authentic.

5. The density of the link building

Yes, link building does increase the authenticity of the article and the site. But you should not go overboard with it.

Creating several links for one article in a very short period of time means the search engines will consider your article lacks suitable information and will mark it as spam.

6. Not using optimised anchor text

Does link building give your site enough traffic? If no, you need to check your anchor text. This plays a vital role in making your article convert incoming traffic.

Optimise the anchor text according to the article you are creating for. It creates a portal for your audience into your website with just one click.

7. Linking to low authority sites

It is very important to link to a high authority site within your article. It increases both your website’s and your post’s credibility. Creating a link to high authority sites allows you to receive some of their authority.

One of the link building mistakes is getting several links from low authority sites. What is more efficient is getting one quality link from a high authority site. Quality is more important than quantity.

There are various ways to build links from high authority sites, and one of the quickest is by using HARO . HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a popular service connecting subject matter experts and journalists. You can use it to build quality backlinks by providing an answer to a journalist’s question.

Do you do these link building mistakes?

Creating backlinks is very tough, but doing it will improve your search engine rankings. Everybody boasts about being link building experts, but only a few will talk about how to avoid link building mistakes.

This article has shown you some of the mistakes people make while creating a link, plus I have provided solutions for it.

About the author

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a blogger outreach platform. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at Search Engine Magazine.

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  • Hello Mashum & Alice,

    In my opinion – before you start building links to your site, you need great content and it will help both Google and visitors.

    Link building is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO. Strong links can improve traffic to your site as well as improve your ranking.

    If your site is linked to a relevant and often visited site, it can boost your sales as well.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative ideas with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    • You’re welcome Amar, and thanks for commenting. If you want a worthy and high-ranked website to link to you, you have to up your game on your own blog to make it worth their while (as much as it for you).

  • Hey author thanks for sharing this article. Definitely backlink supports in SEO for your website and if these challenges are faced the possibility of negative brand endorsement can be avoided.

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