How to liven up a saggy blog with a good kick!

2013 was the year to write, and 2014 will be no different, so here’s now to liven up a saggy blog with a good kick!

I’m joining forces with a local copywriter, Jean Wolfe of CreativeSpark, to put together a workshop to give people’s blogs a kickstart ready for the New Year. Listen to this short video I cobbled together to give you the gist of what it’s all about:

Do you have 28 January free in your diary?

Sometimes it’s necessary to come out of your shell and participate in a fun activity with other like-minded bloggers and writers to get ideas, learn different skills and become more aware of what is available to help you blog better.

I love doing workshops, especially with a co-host, and Jean is just an inspiration to anybody who wants to write, both online and off. Her wealth of knowledge gained over many years of writing for a living and the number of interesting people she has met along the way could certainly fill up all the time we have, but don’t worry, we’ve been very diligent in packing this workshop with lots of fun and interactive activities combined with useful and exciting technical tips to give that boost your blog will need to get it going again.

You’ll be missing out on so much otherwise

Blogging can be frustrating when you’re stuck in a rut, or intimidating when the New Year looms without the necessary inspiration to help you on your way, so a friendly and lively workshop is just the thing you need to kickstart you back into action.

But – if you’re already booked up for that day, or you don’t live in Berkshire, or you don’t know a Berkshire blogger who might be interested, don’t worry, Jean and I will be creating an online e-course from this workshop to share with our readers later this year. Of course you won’t get the interactiveness and networking opportunities you’ll get from the workshop, but you will have other bonus features to make it worth your while, so watch this space!

Get proactive to not miss the boat!

So take action by either visiting our workshop’s webpage to find out more and sign up (the early bird discount ends on 17 January by the way), or make sure you’ve subscribed to at least one of my mailing lists to be in the loop to learn about the e-course once it is ready.

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