4 tools to turn your blog from a hobby to a lucrative career

Lucrative career

A guest post by Hannah Stevenson.

For many people blogging is a passion project they do in their spare time, maybe bringing in a little income on the side. However, if you’re keen to take the next step and find out how you can turn your hobby into a lucrative career, there are a few things you need to consider first.

Blogging full time can be challenging. It will be hard work to sell yourself to an audience as well as potential sponsors or advertisers. If you manage it, though, it can pay off in a big way. Here are a few essential tools you need at your disposal to turn your blog into a lucrative career.

Spelling and grammar checking

Every professional writer needs to be proficient in language and grammar to successfully write a blog. However, having software to double-check your work can be invaluable for any blogger. There are many free or paid for options to choose from, allowing you to explore them before committing to paying for the service.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is writing posts to promote a product or service in exchange for money or some other compensation. Most bloggers make money this way, so this is a good strategy to consider if you want to earn from your writing and make a lucrative career out of this.

A design agency

A successful blog needs a good design to make it attractive, inviting and easy to use. If you want to be seen as professional, a bespoke blog with suitable branding will solidify your digital persona. You could consider using a professional design agency to ensure your blog is shown at its best.

Do sufficient research to find an agency who is prepared to help you achieve your lucrative career. Regardless of how good your writing is, your blog needs looks nice or no one will read it. You may also need a creative design agency to design a logo for your branding. Search for agencies who do both branding and website design to fulfil your objectives.

SEO tools

If you want to get your blog noticed, ranking highly on search engines will help when users search for topics relevant to your blog. This is known as search engine optimisation. Bloggers need to know how to optimise their writing to successfully grow and monetise their blog. Sponsors and affiliates will be more ready to partner with you if your blog is high in the page rankings.

Ready for a lucrative career?

Take advantage of the many tools available to help your blog transform into a lucrative career. Check out the multitude of online tutorials on how to get started with SEO and the other techniques which would benefit you.

About the author

Hannah StevensonHannah Stevenson is an experienced Content Marketing Manager and copywriter who enjoys creating engaging content. She’s a former journalist, who now blogs and writes full-time. She uses her experience in the copywriting, researching and SEO markets to inform readers and share her knowledge with professionals from across the corporate landscape.

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