Magic Moment: What you first see in Google Analytics

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So far in this Magic Moment series we have seen how to upload a Google Analytics plugin and connect it to your Google Analytics account.

Then I showed you how to go into your blog’s Analytics account and you would have been confronted with the Visitors Overview page which always greets you when you first enter into Google Analytics.

What you first see in Google Analytics

There is quite a lot of information presented here. This blog has been going some time, so I have managed to accumulate a relatively consistent line of visit data. OK, there are peaks and troughs, and it is always interesting to investigate what made these (a weekend day, a popular post, lack of posting, etc).

This data is presented over a month. (Later I will show you how to compare months so you can see how your visitor trend is performing.) But your first glance always rests on the number of visitors you have had (in this case 1,481) as that is positioned at the top. If you go in sometime later that tally will have changed (hopefully to a higher number and more towards your visitor goal).

New versus returning visitorsThis pie chart is quite revealing. It shows I have a lot of new traffic coming to my site, but luckily I do have just over 9% of loyal fans who regularly return to see my posts. It would be better if I was able to convert these new visitors into returning again, but to do this I need to provide a good reason to do so, which might not only be my scintillating posts (!).

Delving further will reveal why these guys only visit once, but that is for a later Magic Moment.

Visitor statistics

The number I would like to see increase here is for ‘Visits’, and not necessarily the ‘Unique Visitors’. That would mean they are returning because they like what they see, and that could be accomplished by getting them to subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed.

But what is encouraging is the number of page views, the average page per visit (1.42 means that nearly half are going to another page rather than the one they landed on) and the average visit duration (1 minute means those that do stay are reading my posts).

The Bounce rate measures visitors who don’t stay and immediately leave, even after a couple of seconds. Obviously these visitors didn’t like what they saw, or realised this was the wrong blog for them. I would like to bring this rate lower, by writing more valuable posts and providing a good reason for them to stay and explore my blog further.

In the next Magic Moment we will dig a little deeper to see what we will find (which I hope won’t be too embarrassing!).

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