Magic Moment: How Google Analytics reveals your blog’s sociability

Optimise your blogIt’s great to take advantage of the social side of Google Analytics – or is it? Quite revealing (August is a bad month to demonstrate this to you, as I’ve been a bit inactive, but there is still enough data to make it interesting) in what the statistics show about your blog’s interaction with the social networks, and this has spurred me to create new suitable remedies for this.

Once you’re into Google Analytics, look under ‘Traffic Sources’ in the left sidebar for the ‘Social’ link, and click on it to make the menu extend downwards. The resulting page-links are excellent if you are undertaking a social media campaign, as you will be able to track how the public is reacting to your efforts and how or where you need to make adjustments or revisions.

In this post we shall explore the ‘Sources’ link. You will be greeted by a graph:

Social Referral Statistics in Google Analytics

which show peaks when there is a lot of social media interaction (if you mouse over, more details are revealed like dates and numbers, which can be tracked back to specific posts you have written or actions you may have put in place).

The idea is to get a lot more peaks at regular intervals, all relating to your marketing activities. It’s also quite interesting to compare the social visits (blue) with all the visits (orange), which shows the relationship your blog has with search criteria and social referral, or first time visitors versus returning followers and fans. I’d like to concentrate more on the latter, as marketing to warm leads is much easier.

Below this graph are details of where the social referrals came from:

Social referral sources in Google Analytics

and here LinkedIn has superseded Twitter – which is interesting to me! I have been using both platforms a lot longer than the others, but it’s nice to know where I should be concentrating to get more visitors. The pageview statistics are also revealing as well.

And finally when you click further down the left sidebar onto ‘Social Visitors Flow’, here is some more interesting information:

Social Visitors Flow in Google Analytics

as here you will be able to view which posts attracted the most attention from which platform, and then what happened next – did visitors move onto other pages, or did they ‘drop off’ as Google Analytics so delicately describes it!

The concept of ‘what happened next’ will be my priority in the autumn (and will be revealed in more Magic Moments). It is very important to be able to guide your visitors through your blog so they go where you want them to. There are various persuasive tactics I am currently exploring to use within my new design and navigation, as I will want prospective customers to visit my new product pages. Visitors should have an enjoyable journey, effortlessly executed, throughout my blog to get as much information as they can. After all, the Fairy Blog Mother is an educational resource, and this blog needs to be able to share it as much as possible!

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