Magic Moment: How to quickly edit the headline’s permalink

Content, CopywritingThis is a small time-saving device I picked up that I use all the time. Really in the scheme of things it’s miniscule, but I love it when I come across a wacky bit of doing something new!

Writing headlines is quite an art. This is the part of the post you really should spend time concentrating on (and it’s obvious that I don’t), but during your brainstorming sessions you may try out a number of headlines to see how they scan, where you can place that all important keyword, whether it would grab the attention of your readers, does it reflect adequately the subject matter of the post.

Often I put a headline in and then start writing, and I realise half way through my post I’ve gone off on a totally different track. Rather than edit what I’ve written to fit the headline, and upset my creative juices, I put my first concept aside and adapt my headline to suit the post.

But then that means I have to change the permalink. Each post is allocated its own page, which therefore needs to have a URL, called a permalink. These are automatically created as soon as you’ve finished writing your headline in its editing field, or if you are dallying for too long will create it half finished anyway.

Therefore if you edit your headline (or are too slow in writing it), and you want your permalink to match your post’s title, it needs to be edited. It is a very simple process (especially since I’ve found out this quicker way) and can be done in a trice.

Take my first attempt at this post’s headline:

First headline attempt

But I realised that adding in the word ‘headline’ might be a good idea. And after editing it, so does the permalink needs to be edited.

In the past I would have copied my new headline and the opened up the permalink editing field (in yellow) via the ‘Edit’ button, pasted it in, added in all the hyphens and then pressed ‘OK’. But you don’t need to copy the headline any more. Just access the editing field via the ‘Edit’ button:

Opening permalink editing field

and clear it by highlighting and deleting:

Deleting old permalink

And then just press the ‘OK’ button:

Pressing OK button in Permalink edit

And if it’s not immediately obvious the new headline has been incorporated into the permalink, click on the ‘Edit’ button again to make sure:

Checking edited permalink

And this can take about a second to do. Trivial, yes, but a nice little touch I enjoy doing every time!

But you know what? I think I’ll change the headline to something else now… Oh, how I enjoy changing that permalink!

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