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Whenever WordPress is updated, there is usually a nice new feature to explore and marvel at.

In the latest version (3.4), WordPress allows us to display tweets in posts (as shown below). When you mouse over it, you’ll find that it is also interactive, so you can follow the twitterer, retweet or reply to the tweet, or even mark it as a favourite.

(It’s so nice when I get complimentary comments – maybe I should show more of them…)

And it’s easy to do this yourself. Go to the twitterer’s timeline, find the tweet in question and click on it.

Tweet details exposedIt will then expand. Look for the time and date in light grey just above the reply field, and click on the word ‘Details’. The tweet will open into a separate page with its own URL.

Copy that URL and then paste it into your blog page you are writing. Although you only see the URL in your text, when you preview your post the tweet will be shown in all its glory!


And now I’ve just found another facet within this feature. While preparing another complimentary tweet, after I clicked on ‘Details’ the tweet expanded to show the conversations before and after, with the light grey link ‘Embed this Tweet’ appearing in the same place. This resulted in a menu that provide me with the HTML code for the tweet:

Embed this tweet

HTML tag(remember to pull the field down with the little arrow in bottom right hand corner to reveal the whole of the code, or highlight it all via Ctrl A before copying) which, when copied into my post (click on the HTML tag at the top of the posting field for pasting in HTML), appeared as this:

After HTML tweet pasted

but when your preview or publish, it appears like this:

which in spite of the typo I think this is pretty cool!

And hopefully without going overboard, here’s another example:

Happy tweet-blogging!

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