Magic Moment: Look at your Analytics

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It’s all very well setting up Google Analytics for your blog, but you need to go in to see the results from time to time. This needn’t be a scary prospect, you should view it with anticipation and a desire to be nosy, for whatever is presented to you should be taken as an opportunity to find out exactly what is happening to your blog.

After you have logged into Google, you need to access your account to find your Analytics connection.

Accessing your Google Account

On the next page select the link ‘Products’ on the left sidebar:

Selecting Google products

And this will take you to the page that lists all the Google applications you are associated with.

Select Google Analytics

By clicking on the Google Analytics icon you’ll be greeted with the links to the blogs you have connected Google Analytics to.

Click on your blog's details

Click on the link that is associated with your blog, and then on the second link that appears that is your blog’s URL, and the Analytics will be revealed to you.

View your analytics

As this series of Magic Moments unfolds we will go into more detail about what you can see here, and much more.

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