Magic Moment: Make sure your pictures are suitable #1

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Following on from the previous post about using pictures instead of words in your post, it is important to make sure your pictures have been suitably prepared for your blog. So here is the first of a series of Magic Moments to make sure they are.

Resolution greatly affects an image and how it performs on a website. This is determined by the number of dots per inch (dpi) across the page. There is a vast difference in dpi between web-images and photographs suitable for print, and a lot of digital cameras will provide pictures with high resolution that is not suitable for websites.

Therefore it is important your pictures have the correct resolution so it is not too large for the website to download. A normal web-ready picture is between 72 dpi to 96 dpi – anything larger than that will be delayed in appearing on your page, or may even be rejected by WordPress if it is too large.

Picture pixels and resolutionsResolution affects the number of pixels of an image, as a smaller resolution will result in a smaller picture. I know that the ultimate width for my pictures on this blog is 18cm, which is 510 pixels in 72 dpi, and anything larger will overhang into the sidebars. You will also find out the appropriate width for other sizes of pictures that have wrapped text around them.

You can adapt your pictures using appropriate software that provides you with this information, such as Photoshop Elements.

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