Magic Moment: Make sure your pictures are suitable #3

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Here in the third in the series of Magic Moments to make sure your pictures are suitable for your posts, we will investigate aligning, wrapping and padding.

When you upload or paste your image into your post, you will be presented with the option to align its position within the text. If you select left, right or centre, the text will be wrapped around the image (like it is around the Fairy Blog Mother logo).

Picture positioning

How to 'enter' your picture for optimisationIf you select None the text will continue without being wrapped (as the image above). This wrapping option is also available by accessing the picture editing menu by clicking on the picture and then selecting the mountain icon.

If you want to add variable amounts of padding or space around your pictures, select the advanced settings tag in the edit menu to view the options pictured below:

Picture Wrapping

Place a number in the vertical and horizontal space boxes to specify the number of pixels you want your padding to have. Six pixels is a good amount to start with, but you can experiment for further effects. The border box determines how thick you’d like your border to be, if you require one around your picture. One pixel is a normal amount.

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