Magic Moment: Write a post for your sidebar

I’ve just come across a brilliant widget that can contain edited messages for your WordPress blog’s sidebars. Unfortunately it’s only available as a plugin for, whereas I think it would be fantastic if WordPress adapted it for its .com version as it would make life easier for so many newbie bloggers.

Before I found it, the text widget was the usual method I used to place words in the sidebar, and if I wanted to include any images I had to understand what HTML code to insert. I also needed to understand how to make paragraphs and align my content accordingly – not easy for the non-technical blogger.

Text Widget In Action  Text Widget Result

Image WidgetThere is an image widget available (provided as standard in, but it only can contain a picture and no text, though the image can be made into a link to another page or website which is very useful. It does require knowing how to find the image’s URL from the media gallery, but there is the option to edit the size of your image to suit the space provided by your sidebar.

But this new plugin I’ve found, called Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, provides a widget that contains a mini editing system just the same as when you write a post. This means you can write and insert far more interesting content into your sidebar to communicate your message to your blog’s visitors.

Black Studio TinyMCE In Action

Now your sidebar entries can contain images and words together without the need to know complicated HTML code. These can be aligned and rearranged exactly how you would like, as there is the grey bar with the editing icons, the Add Media and Add Contact Form options and any other plugin extras you may have added are included too.

It’s the same as writing a small post for your sidebar – how cool is that?!

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