Magic Moments: All about reblogging

Blog tuitionReady for 2013 Google has changed its algorithms to disadvantage people who blithely copy their material around the net. This means it is more difficult to expose your posts to a larger audience merely by reproducing them word for word.

Ironically WordPress recognises that people will want to share their articles on other people’s sites, as this is a great way of getting more readers and ultimately more comments and followers. And it has done this through the reblog tab in

Here is a post I wrote in another blog and I have ringed the ‘reblog’ tab in the black bar at the top which is visible once you have logged in:

Showing location of reblog tab in

This post is written by me, so I can reblog it on any other blog I am associated with.

Clicking on the reblog tab brings up a menu:

Reblog tab menu in

This allows you to choose the destination blog from the drop down menu and add a comment in the status update field if applicable.

Then once completed, click on the ‘Reblog Post’ button:

Reblog successful in

And click on the link to go view your post reblogged on your other blog!

Post reblogged from one blog to another

I can only presume that Google will accept this method of sharing blog posts, because when you click on the ‘Read more…’ link you are directed back to the original post. This is not a method of recreating existing material, merely how to place it on a guest blog to find more readers or expose your writing to a different audience.

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    • Reblogging is a great way of showing approval of another’s post (or even reblogging your own stuff on another blog that you own) if accomplished via the correct methods that is approved by the search engines and not considered as duplication. It’s always good to share stuff around the web, and acknowledging another’s good work will help build blogging relationships and altruistically raise your profile too.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the explanation!

    Is the reblogging limited only between blogs on WordPress? Can I reblog my own post from Blogger [] to my wordpress blog?

    • Yes, but you have to be careful and do it manually. There isn’t an application that will do this automatically, to my knowledge.

      What you do is to write an introductory paragraph that bigs up the post you are referring to, and then paste in the URL of the blog you wish to link to. It’s that simple. Don’t ever copy the whole post verbatum, or that will be deemed as plagiarism by the search engines, and both blogs will be penalised.

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