How to make the most of your content

make the most of your content

A guest post by Brooke Faulkner. 

Not everyone has a huge marketing team cranking out different types of content.

So one answer is to leverage the content you do have across multiple platforms to get the most bang for your buck.

Producing engaging content on your blog and website is a challenge in itself. Obviously this is something you need to develop first before starting to share it everywhere.

But once this new material exists, here are a few tips on delivering and repurposing your content in creative and interactive ways.

Rewrite content into whitepapers

Don’t underestimate the value of a whitepaper as a cross-promotional tool.

Whitepapers are great for marketing because they present all the facts about what you offer. They have a tendency to be more academic, longer and less showy than other types of marketing materials.

You can pull out specific sections of the whitepaper and turn them into multiple blog posts.

Also try jazzing up some of those blog posts by creating infographics using some of the more interesting parts of the whitepaper. If you can’t hire someone to create fancy infographics, you can create them yourself with a free infographic maker, such as Canva.

You could also create advertising copy with your whitepaper. It’s a multi-purpose piece in your wheelhouse.

Webinars and user generated content into video

If you have a webinar — a web-based video conference — turn it into video files and put them on your YouTube channel.

If you’re wondering why you’d need a YouTube channel, keep in mind that more people, mainly millennials, watch video content more than TV, partially because they can relate better to video and find it more trustworthy. This, of course, depends on who you ask and what study you read.

Speaking of authenticity, you could take user generated content and put it on your YouTube channel. People tend to trust user generated content over traditional advertising.

There are video converter platforms, such as ClipChamp, that allow you to easily collect user generated videos and upload them directly to your channel.

Make more use with photo content

If you have an image that looks relevant across different social media platforms, it’s OK to share the same photo, as long as you aren’t using the same wording on every post.

Each post should be unique, but cohesive. The same language you use on your blog doesn’t directly translate on Twitter or Facebook, for example. Consider the kind of reader you have there, and adapt it accordingly.

You’ve probably noticed this, but if you don’t customise the size of the image for each individual platform, you run into strange cropping, blurry images, etc.

It’s worth taking the time to tailor your images, otherwise it looks like you don’t care. The Hootsuite blog provides a 2017 image size guide for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.

Utilising a combination of video, photos and user generated content across all your platforms is a good idea, too. You could also try doing a contest on social media to engage your fans and followers.

Don’t discount traditional advertising

Before the internet, most marketing occurred through newspapers, magazines, brochures, TV, radio and billboards. These mediums are called “outbound marketing.”

It still makes sense for many people to spread their message offline, especially when used in conjunction with “inbound marketing,” which is online.

Even digital signage that you see in hotels, for example, is simply a modern way to communicate the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of the business’s offerings.

There is no one marketing strategy that is best for every purpose, brand or product. Sometimes you need content marketing because it’s the best choice. Other times the greatest value may come from the more traditional forms of marketing.

After you create all of your brilliant content, you’ll have to try some of these ideas to determine what works best for you!

About the author:

brooke faulknerBrooke Faulkner is your typical internet nerd. She loves all things technical and is an avid consumer of science podcasts (eh hem, radiolab anyone?). When she’s not writing, she can usually be found chasing her boys around the house with the vacuum. Follow her on Twitter.

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