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Marketing 101 – What Every Blogger Needs to Know

A guest post by Hannah Stevenson.

Blogging can be a fun pastime, but there is much more to it than writing a few posts now and then. Once you decide to put more effort into your blog, you will discover there are several marketing 101 techniques you can use for the most success and growth. Here are some of the tools and tricks that every blogger needs to know.

Email newsletters

If you want to build a community around your blog, you’ll need to have the right tools to interact with them. Most people think leaving their comments open will be enough to create some interaction and chat. However, there are several other ways to start conversations between you and your customers.

One of the first marketing 101 methods is the humble email newsletter. You may be used to saying exactly how you feel in your blog, but an email newsletter provides the chance to correspond with your audience in a more special way.

Include some content you have yet to feature on your site, as well as announcing upcoming content. Your newsletters could even be used to shout out to customers and other members of your community.

Setting up email newsletters is incredibly easy to do, such as how to send mass email in Outlook and other software. It is easier than ever to place your content in front of whoever you want to see it.

Social media

Social media accounts are a must for everyone, and as a blogger you can use yours to connect with your wider audience. Therefore it is important you know how to manage this resource correctly.

For example, one marketing 101 trick is to try curating a specific Instagram theme. While this might not be noticeable with individual posts, anyone who clicks onto your main feed will see everything. Pick one or two main colours (for recognition purposes) and make sure these are present in every shot.

For example, bright blues work well in summer, representing the sky or waves. Whereas oranges and reds during autumn represent festive pumpkins or poinsettias.

Find out how to best use social media elements like keywords and hashtags. These help your new audience to discover what your brand has to offer, especially if you do some research into what they are looking for, so you can give this to them.


Images or video content can be very important for your blog and your brand. If you don’t want to produce videos, at least aim for high-quality images.

You can use several free stock photo websites to use something generic to add images to your posts. However, it might work better if you decide to take your own. This marketing 101 tip gives you immediate access to unique content which fits your blog perfectly.

Also remember to properly optimise your images for SEO purposes to gain maximum benefit from them.

If you are going to branch out into videos, think which type of content would best fit your brand. For example, cooking blogs will produce instructional videos about their latest dish. Travellers could produce daily vlogs about their adventures. Any of these options could bring something special to your brand.


The heart of any blog will be you. Even if you want to remain anonymous, there will be something of yourself in the content. As your community grows, they will start to recognise these, which you could feed back into your blog as a whole.

Make sure all your posts have a perfect sprinkling of personality. You can be as candid or as private as you choose, but include appropriate aspects of your personality to come across.

This could be as simple as writing in the way you speak to reveal the authentic you. This allows you to cultivate your personality to make your blog a success. Blogging tends to be quite personal, so work out how to share your thoughts and feelings in more comfortable ways.

What marketing 101 tactics have you used?

You can always do something to improve the marketing value on your blog. Though marketing trends come and go, you can always keep up a healthy discussion. Learn how to properly handle the marketing 101 aspects of your brand and blog to ensure you attract a continuous audience. Stay focused on improving your blog all the time.

Let us know about your suggestions, preferred or personal marketing 101 tips, experiences or stories in the comments below.

About the author

Hannah StevensonHannah Stevenson is an experienced Content Marketing Manager and copywriter who enjoys creating engaging content. She’s a former journalist, who now blogs and writes full-time. She uses her experience in the copywriting, researching and SEO markets to inform readers and share her knowledge with professionals from across the corporate landscape.


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Alice Elliott (aka the award winning Fairy Blog Mother) has been helping bloggers understand about blogging for two decades.

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