How marketing your blog on social media is easier than you think

marketing your blog on social media

A guest post by Victoria Greene. 

When you think of marketing your blog, you might conjure up ideas of big budgets and complex strategies. For some companies or brands, it’s exactly like that, but it doesn’t have to be.

Marketing your blog is about creating a buzz around your brand (in this case, your blog) and driving the right people to it. Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, promoting a blog has never been so easy.

Here are our easy-to-follow tips for marketing your blog successfully on social media. (Need help with writing blog posts? Check out these surefire ways to write an amazing blog post).

Keeping it short ‘n’ savvy

One way towards marketing your blog is to turn your otherwise long, clunky URLs into Bitly links. Not only will these shortened links look more slick on your posts, but they are also trackable.

This means you can use user click-throughs to analyse where your engagement is coming from. Good social media marketing is all about good tracking.

Encourage sign ups

Use social media to build a bigger email list. Add ‘sign up’ links to all of your channels to collect email addresses from your readers.

Reader data is marketing your blog gold dust, as once you have an email address, you have a direct line to your reader. Email is a great way to inform them about new blog posts or key content, driving regular traffic to your blog.

Post, post and post again

A lot of hard work goes into a blog post. So to share it only once is majorly underselling it.

It’s worth knowing that the lifespan of a tweet is only around 15 minutes. This means after that time has elapsed, it’s buried under a whole load of other content and is not being seen.

Therefore posting the same piece of content multiple times won’t lead your followers to boredom, in fact it will boost your response rate.

Incorporate social on your site

When marketing your blog, avoid viewing social media as a one-way street for promotion.

Incorporate your social media channels onto your site through widgets, plug-ins and share buttons to encourage your blog users to socially share your content.

Streamline your social accounts

Having all of your social media accounts in one place makes it easier to update, respond, interact and track your progress.

You can use a social media management system like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to pull them all together. These tools can also schedule posts, so you can regularly post content without having to be glued to your computer.

Use the power of video

Accompany your social posts with rich content in the form of video as a way of boosting its engagement and shareability. It’s predicted that 82% percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be video by 2021, which means video is big business and you cannot ignore it!

You can start marketing your blog by making your own, but there are also plenty of short video animations and social GIFs that you can use for free.

Get the timing right when marketing your blog

If you’re posting great content but nobody is online to see it, then it’s a wasted effort.

Find out when the best time is to post on all of the key social networks. Use tools like to do this. More visibility means higher engagement rates, which in turn means more readers for your blog.

Build an online community

Follow like-minded bloggers and other people within your blogging sphere to start creating an online social community. If they already have an interest in the topics you write about, they are much more likely to read your posts than someone else chosen at random.

It’s also worth sharing your blog on LinkedIn and Google+ to groups within the same circle as you.

Many social media pros got where they are today because of the way that they focused on building a good social community. You could also consolidate your efforts into what you do best through marketing your blog.

Automate your posting

Scheduling in posts will save you a lot of time and you can always go one step further with automated posting.

This is where every time you publish a new blog post, a set of social media posts are put up to notify your followers. You can use the publicize tool on WordPress to connect with various social media sites so that your posts are shared automatically.

Meet Edgar is a social media sharing platform where you can categorise posts. The programme alternates between subjects and automatically posts for you. This is the perfect way to ensure that core content is being fed to your followers.

Recycle your content

Don’t be afraid to re-post old content.

If your blog has evergreen posts, don’t be shy in promoting them time and time again. The quick turnover time of social means there will always be a new audience to pitch to.

Ready to start marketing your blog?

So, as well as being able to produce amazingly engaging blog posts, you’re now fully-equipped to begin marketing your blog on social media too. Superwoman status here you come!

About the author: 

Victoria GreeneVictoria Greene is a branding consultant and freelance writer. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she shares tips on how to create a successful business using e-commerce and content marketing.

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