Matching up a WordPress.com blog

Blog designThere is a small drawback to creating a WordPress.com blog to accompany your existing website. Even though there are over 200 themes available, if you want to keep the costs down it’s advisable to choose a free theme and adapt it as best as you can.

This isn’t as difficult as you think, as long as you are able to see the bigger picture. I usually have about five themes in the back of my mind that I know what can be done with them, and bring them out one by one to try and adapt them to suit the client’s needs.

Here’s the result of my latest project. I wasn’t able to exactly recreate the blog to match the website, but the owner was very pleased with the result.

Here’s the website:

Working Numbers website

And its accompanying blog:

Working Numbers blog

Now I know they’re not identical, but they’re close enough to recognise they belong to each other. Using a WordPress.com blog will enable the owner to start her blogging career, which she will be able to continue to promote her business and draw in more traffic and potential customers.

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Paul Sampson - 1 March 2013

Alice – do you think posts on our blog assist with the main site ranking? Different URL’s

    Alice Elliott - 1 March 2013

    Hi Paul, your blog posts provide lots of new content which stimulates the search engines to visit and index your site. Your blog is a WordPress extension, hence the /blog after the URL, which is the only difference from the main site. I don’t think this will affect your ranking, but certainly lots of regular and consistent blogging will assist in placing you higher! Blogs are excellent mechanisms for increasing site traffic, and as this shares your main URL the spiders won’t have very far to travel.

Kentucy Indiana Web Group - 28 October 2014

Very nice article. I thoroughly enjoyed itt and was very informative.

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