How bloggers can manage anxiety to improve their mental health

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A guest post by Frankie Wallace. 

The life of a blogger is not without its stresses.

You have to come up with creative and thought-provoking ideas, meeting challenging deadlines, working largely in front of a screen all day. It’s easy to see why some would consider blogging a particularly stressful job.

However, these conditions, if not properly managed, can contribute to a number of mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression.

Stress and anxiety management can be especially important for those that blog as part of their career. Taking the time to relax and manage stress can make a significant difference in your life. It could even help improve the quality of your work over time!

A broader issue about mental health

The sheer ubiquity of anxiety-related issues in the world today may come as somewhat of a surprise. Nearly 1 in 18 people globally experience some symptoms of anxiety disorder.

This is different than everyday anxiety that everyone feels at some point in their lives, it can seriously hamper an individual’s ability to function in life. One recent poll found that almost 40% of people were feeling more anxious than they were in previous years. This suggests this it is an issue that will continue to grow.

Beyond all of the mental health concerns that go alongside unmanaged anxiety, there are a number of physical problems that can arise as well. For instance, anxiety and high blood pressure are often connected. Managing one can usually help to manage the other over time.

Working through anxiety

Managing anxiety while you are trying to work can be particularly difficult, whether you work in a traditional office space or at home.

Anxiety can add a challenge to communicating with potential clients, understanding blog-related metrics, and meeting posting deadlines. However, it is important to figure out what triggers your work-based anxiety as a first step to successful management.

Once you have obtained this information, you can work out how to manage your day to limit exposure to your triggers. For example, you feel you never have enough time, and this feeling is a source of anxiety. So work on your time management skills by creating to-do lists and writing due dates on a calendar. This can also help you to prioritise projects.

Even with new management strategies in place, an anxiety outbreak is possible. Therefore it is valuable to have a grounding plan ahead of time.

If you feel yourself starting to panic or feel overwhelmed, start working into your calming routine. This can be different for many people, but typically getting away from your desk or home office and thinking about something else for a few minutes can do wonders.

Tips and tricks for anxiety management

There are plenty of other tips and tricks for anxiety management out there. For instance, keeping an active lifestyle can help burn off feelings of anxiety and benefit both your physical and mental health.

Managing your sleep can also make a significant difference in anxiety levels. Additionally, when you are done working for the day, actually stop. Working from home can add serious challenges to fully separating work and home life.

This means stop obsessively checking business emails, no eeking out a couple hundred more words, and no outlining your next project. If you need more time off or are feeling burnt out, don’t hesitate to get away by taking a trip somewhere to unwind. But remember, the “leave it” rules also apply on holiday. No checking emails, clients calls, nothing!

Some people also use things such as essential oils or CBD to help manage anxiety. When used properly, these substances can have a calming effect on the body, which makes it easier to relax, focus, and get things done and out of the way. A number of medical professionals will recommend these methods as a supplemental treatment.

Mental health management

Mental health management is a frequently forgotten, but very critical part of our overall health. Blogging can be a mentally draining career, with many factors that could potentially lead to anxiety.

Taking the time to work through how best to manage anxiety at work and in your life can be a great help to your work quality, mental health and personal life overall.

About the author

Frankie WallaceFrankie Wallace regularly contributes to a wide variety of blogs and enjoys writing about health tips and politics. Wallace currently resides in Boise, Idaho and is a recent graduate from the University of Montana.

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