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A guest post by Vincent Martinot. 

According to Hubspot, websites which prioritise blogging are at least 13 times more likely to experience a better ROI in content marketing than others.

We all know blogging helps you get visitors and make your visitors loyal over time. Yet so many often seem clueless about how to attract new visitors and grow traffic.

These concerns have been exasperated because of the increasing traction received by mobile apps compared to general websites. However, mobile apps’ dominance has nothing to do with the traction of a blog.

Blogs are still valuable as a reliable source of information, irrespective of a mobile apps’ popularity. Regardless of hiring remote teams of developers or starting your own business blog, your content marketing strategy matters most.

If you are a blogger, read on for tips and tricks to increase your traffic and get new visitors.

Attract your ideal audience with great content

Are you a beginner blogger looking to build a thousand subscribers to your blog? The basic measure of creating the right content for your ideal target audience is key.

How do you find ideas for the kind of content your audience finds helpful? There is a great tool called Answer the Public. Just enter the topic of your blog in the search bar and tap on getting Questions.

This provides a long list of questions and search terms people are inquiring about. Many are popular because people search for real-life solutions to their problems related to the subject. When you post content on these popular questions or content ideas, getting traction becomes easier.

Boost discoverability and traction through SEO

You need to ensure search engine visibility, both as on-page and off-page SEO.

As for on-page SEO, optimise your blog post for search engine ranking. Here are the key steps:

  • Write a crisp and engaging meta description with principal keywords.
  • Naturally use target keywords within the content without over-saturating.
  • Link your blog post t0 other informative blog posts on the internet.
  • Place alt text behind the images using the primary keyword wherever possible.
  • Meaningfully link your post with other relevant blog posts on the website.
  • Keep paragraphs and sentences small to ensure optimum readability of your blog posts.

Now for off-page SEO, use these various measures to drive content from different sources to your website. Here are the key steps:

  • Publish the blog post link on select social media channels where your audience visits most.
  • Email your blog posts to people who are likely to find them interesting and useful.
  • Include the post link when answering relevant questions on Quora and similar platforms to solve user problems.
  • Publish your blog post on social bookmarking sites such as Tumblr, Reddit, etc.
  • Publish on platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn to attract an audience and share your blog link.
  • Ask other leading blogs to publish guest posts to generate quality links for your site and get new traffic.
  • Reach out to industry influencers with your blog posts.

Create a landing page for blog subscribers

Another tactic to generate new traffic and continuous engagement is a dedicated landing page. This convinces people to subscribe to your newsletter email list.

Here are the critical elements of a great landing page:

  • Easy to understand description why they should subscribe.
  • Show the type of blog content users are going to get.
  • State the frequency of email communication.
  • Provide incentives to encourage subscription.
  • Use a meaningful image to describe your main message.
  • Create a simple and attractive landing page to deliver your message.

This landing page also needs to be promoted to reach more people. Link to it from your site’s navigation menu, or use a floating bar tool. You can also link from online ads to send traffic to the landing page. Redirect blog readers to the landing page whenever they comment. And link it to your social media pages and profiles to boost traction.

Target channels with the highest audience footfall

Do adequate research to find where on the internet your audience spends most of their time. It’s impossible to master a social media presence across a multitude of social media channels. So targeting the right channel obviously will depend upon the nature of your blog content and the target readership.

Use Google Analytics to view which websites generate the most traffic in your respective niche. Search for forums, blogs and social websites where your target audience has the highest footfall.

While Facebook and Twitter are great for catching all types of users, Pinterest and Instagram are great for visual content. Pinterest is particularly useful for targeting a female audience. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is an ideal channel for a professional and business readers.

Which mobile apps will you use?

Blogs are still key to successful content marketing, and the dominance of mobile apps has hardly anything to do with it. To attract an audience to your blog post, you only need to plan your strategy wisely and follow the tips mentioned above.

About the author

Vincent MartinotVincent Martinot is the managing director of EurecaApps, a software development company helping businesses in building robust, scalable and cost-effective mobile apps. EurecaApps has a large team of experienced app developers who are good at building a mobile application, especially Android and iOS apps. In his leisure Vincent writes blogs on various aspects of mobile app development.

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