Non-writing skills which will help you monetise your blog

monetise your blog

A guest post by Frankie Wallace. 

It’s hard to launch a successful blog nowadays simply because you can write.

You’ll need a variety of skills to turn your hobby into a profitable business by monetising your blog. The following skills will give your blog and the content you’ve published a unique edge to attract more visitors and monetise it.

Take your blog’s images to a higher level

If you want to stand apart in a sea of blogs, consider upping your website’s photography.

The most popular Instagram accounts feature stunning imagery which are unique to the brands. You’ll want to do the same for both your blog and your associated social media accounts. Your social media and blog work hand-in-hand to drive traffic that grows your audience.

Make sure your images, which are often noticed before the copy you’ve written, deliver a message that has a connection with your brand. One of the most popular ways to do so is by using drones in your photography. is one of the most popular blogs using drones to capture stunning photos that tell a story all on their own. Tobias Hägg, the photographer behind the blog, has over half a million Instagram followers (@airpixels) and growing.

Invest time into marketing your blog posts

Some of the most popular blogs don’t publish very often, yet still have a large number of visitors. These bloggers have figured out the secret to blogging success. It’s not about how much you write, but it’s about how you strategise and promote your posts.

If you spend three to four hours writing a blog post to include stunning photos and a well-crafted story, plan on spending at least double that time marketing the blog post to get visitors to read it.

Blogging is no longer a “build it and they will come” platform. You have to go find your audience and convince them to follow your blog. A survey of over 1,000 bloggers found that 70% of bloggers who earn over $50,000 per year very actively promote their blogs. Consider the following steps to market your next blog post to a wider audience:

  • Optimise the blog post using a targeted keyword in the title, meta description and throughout the copy to improve its search engine ranking.
  • Post in your blog’s social media pages.
  • Use Facebook Ads to promote the post to a larger audience.
  • Share the post within any appropriate groups.
  • Send an email or newsletter to let your email list know a new blog post is live.
  • Encourage readers to share your post with others.
  • Answer Quora questions related to your blog post and link back to it.

If the amount of marketing you need to do threatens to take over your allotted writing time, consider hiring an assistant to delegate some of your marketing tasks to help you monetise your blog.

Listen to your audience to monetise your blog

Ask your readers what type of information they’d like to know more about. Read the comments they leave you and engage in conversations with your audience.

The information your readers provide can give you valuable insights into what problems they’re looking to solve. To monetise your blog successfully, it has to provide a service to the visitors who frequent its pages.

If you can see your brand as one which solves your target audience’s problems, you’ll connect with your audience more readily.

Creating a professional presence

If you monetise your blog by selling services or products, it’s important to unify the business aspect with the artistic side. The more cohesive your online presence, the more professional your blogging business will look.

As you grow your path as an influencer or industry leader, you’ll be approached by brands to represent them and review their products for a fee. Automating the back-end business process by having an accounting process, creating invoicing templates and pre-drafting contractual agreements will save you time.

You don’t have to invest in hiring a graphic designer to design your business documents. Wave Financial Software provides free and professionally designed invoicing templates based on your industry.

Successful bloggers do more than write brilliant content

It’s not enough to write well-written content these days. Visual cues need to be memorable and unique. The topics you write about have to appeal to your loyal followers.

You’ll also need to promote your content regularly to get more traffic, grow your audience and monetise your blog. It may sound like a lot of work, but as you build your followers, the task will get easier.

About the author

Frankie WallaceFrankie Wallace regularly contributes to a wide variety of blogs and enjoys writing about health tips and politics. Wallace currently resides in Boise, Idaho and is a recent graduate from the University of Montana.

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