How moving house is like writing a blog

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We spend a lot of time writing a blog and figuring out the things that make it interesting and relevant. We tackle a lot of issues in the process and when we are truly devoted to it and what it has to offer, it takes a lot of time from our lives over the course of time. It may sometimes feel frustrating when you can’t put your words in the right way, but it all boils down to the incredible amount of preparations we need to do in both this and moving our homes to a new location.

In many ways writing a blog is like moving. At first, things may seem easy and relatively predictable as a concept: you wrap all your belongings up, you take your books down from the shelves, throw all you clothes into boxes and label them with their contents and so forth. Things feel pretty straightforward, but you will soon find out that you may be in for a lot more preparations than you though you need to handle. Soon all your perceived organizational skill feels like it just flew out the window and you’re stuck in complete chaos during the writing/moving process. You may soon figure out that in the long run you will get it all done with ease, that you really don’t need to worry about the little details and that you will soon get it all in writing/prepared for the big day ahead.

Understanding the audience

When writing a blog, one must know what their target audience is and what they can offer them to make the blog relevant and interesting. This is the bread and butter of the online world, since our words can be lost in the chaos of information and the flow of ideas dominating it if we don’t have a clear idea of what we’re doing. The same thing applies to moving your home, but in terms of the items you’re moving. You will need to know their dimensions, whether moving companies will allow them on their vehicles. You will also need to make sure your new home has enough space for them by making a floor plan to work with. Both cases require a good bit of research and a keen understanding of the subject matter, especially if you’re trying to reach audiences far away or move your home abroad. Understanding is key to a flawless operation or blog either way.

Building relationships

Writing a blog is more than just putting your ideas out there, it is about building a powerful connection with your audience and building contacts just as much as it is about the theme of your blog. In many ways with moving things are the same, but from the side of moving companies building a framework of connections between themselves and their clients. They need to understand more than the simple mechanics of the business, but also their own “audience” as well. This is of course subjective, since blogs can take many shapes and sizes while the moving process remains fairly rigid due to its nature and requirements, but the connection is there none the less.


Being persistent in your content and its frequency is a key to making a blog that lasts and doesn’t lose the interest of its readers. This requires the sacrifice of free time and overall really focusing on the quality of the posts and content provided, which is absolutely necessary if you want to persist in the long run. The same goes for the moving process and what it has to offer. Ensuring you go through everything before a move, step by step and organizing everything is an absolute must that requires diligence and accuracy. Some may even see hints of active meditation in packing and preparing for a new future in a new home, so it would come as no surprise to those with an organizing talent that both activities require focus and determination.

About the author:

Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She has great flair for decoration and interior design. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places. Heather writes about removals and storage services like those of Notting Hill man with van.

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  • Hello, Heather. I find your advice very helpful and educational. I believe that following the steps you outline in this post could lead anyone to success. Thank you. Best regards.

  • Everything you have pointed is all right. The comparisons are so clever and very on point. Moving a house needs a lot of consideration, and that one goes the same with writing a blog.

  • Great article comparing writing blogs to moving house! There are definitely so many similarities and so many moving parts that you need to focus on in doing both things!

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