The negative impact of social media in 2019

negative impact of social media in 2019

A guest post by Tom Siani.  

Every useful tool can have a negative impact with physical and mental repercussions.

Social media, as one of the most recent communication technologies, has no exceptions. This article discusses the side effects of using social networks.

Far-fetched aspiration

Influencers on every kind of social media can make you feel a failure when achieving unreasonable expectations.

Many young boys and girls are exposed to an endless stream of luxurious life images. These images are unrealistic and certainly unachievable as goals. However, many people cannot distinguish fantasies from real life, so consequently face many unfulfilled hopes.

For instance, Instagram celebrities release beautiful pictures and videos whilst wearing astronomically expensive clothes, watches and shoes. Well-shaped men and women seduce their users to follow their sort-after lifestyle. These influencers entice people to buy and use products which suggest they could be perfect like them.

The answer is to stop believing these social media pages, especially those that run adverts.

Negative impact of being forgotten

The wild competition of absorbing more and more followers on social networking sites also has a detrimentally negative impact.

There are always people who more beautiful, funnier and more attractive than you. When you use social media, you will face some scary questions. “Why do others have more fun than you?” “Why are these people collecting more likes and comments than you can even imagine?”

Based on socialtradia, even influencers who have reached the top intend to sell their pages. This is because they cannot stand being forgotten by their followers.

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest no more than half an hour usage of social media each day. Spending too much time on social media can be really harmful to your mood.

Problem of insomnia

Along with stress and depression, being too long on social media definitely causes insomnia. Many people have confessed that increased use of social media has harmed their sleep patterns.

This is due to the increased impact of blue light from screens affecting your brain waves. Especially if you go online first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

It’s important to be aware of the amount of time you spend on social media. If you cannot control your usage, you certainly need to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Social media addiction

Internet Addiction” is approximately a 30-year-old phenomenon. Excessively using the Internet, especially on social networking sites, is a psychological context which is now regarded as a medical disorder.

Social media can be more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol. Facebook was once the most addictive site, but now Instagram is considered to have taken over.

Find out whether you are addicted to social media by recording how long you are connected to it over a 24 hour period.

There are some simple tips to alleviate the suffering caused by social media. For example, doing physical exercise instead would be very helpful to your general health.

What’s your negative impact?

In this article we explored the negative impact of social media and answered how and why it can hurt you.

We have learned how it can change our view of life, and unfortunately not always for the better. So be careful when you use it and remember overuse can be detrimental to your health.

Has social media had a negative impact on you? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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